16 Meme-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Want To Quit The Internet

Look, obviously, I love a good meme as much as the next girl. I’m not a monster. It’s just that the other day I logged onto Facebook, and what do you think I saw? It was a picture of my friends (you know, Facebook-wise) in a couples costume, but not just any couples costume–the guy was wearing a Netflix t-shirt, and the girl was dressed like an ice cube. You know, as in Netflix and Chill.”

I screamed.

I can’t explain why, exactly, I found it to be so revolting–perhaps it’s because we already suffer from major meme-overload syndrome as a society, particularly in regards to Netflix and chill–I just knew that I had to close out of the window as fast as I possibly could before I submerged my laptop in a bucket of Lysol. It was a harrowing experience, overall, but even more harrowing was knowing that these people couldn’t have thought up this costume on their own. Sure enough, I typed in “Netflix and chill Halloween costume” into my Google search bar–for I am a masochist–and I was immediately assaulted by a vast assortment of increasingly terrible Netflix and chill costumes, as well as a whole bunch of other meme-themed costumes.

Behold, the worst of the bunch. You can use this list as a lookbook, if you’re into that kind of thing. Just know that I shan’t be supporting you:

1. Netflix and KILL ME:


2. You can Netflix and chill all by yourself, if you want:

3. What’s that? You’ve finally forgotten about all of the trauma that the dress caused you? TOO BAD:


4. Or you can be pizza rat. Sexy pizza rat, that is:


5. Don’t worry guys, you have two options if you want to be Left Shark–first, there’s this bad boy:


6. Also, there’s the sexy left shark option. God bless:
Source: Etsy
7. Hey, remember that Oscars selfie? Well, here it is again:

The Ellen selfie!! #Hallowmeme

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8. You CLEARLY cannot make ‘Forever Alone’ a couples’ costume. Sorry, I just care about a little something called “meme integrity:”
Source: Popsugar

10. Please don’t encourage the “dad bod” fad:
Source: Thug Life
11. Just…don’t be a minion couple:


12. Or Deflategate:
Source: Halloween Costumes
13. You could do “Bad Blood,” but without a million dollars to spend on effects, what’s the point, really?

14. Much like the “Bad Blood” costume, an Ariana Grande vs. donut one seems both inevitable and eye roll-worthy:
Source: ABC15
15. Not really a meme, but it deserves mention–if I have to tell you not to be “clock boy,” just don’t go out on Halloween:

16. And, just to drive it in, here’s one more Netflix and Chill:


(Confession: I kind of like this last one. WHATEVER. I CONTAIN MULTITUDES.)
What do you think of meme costumes? Are they terrible, or are you here for them? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Annie

    God, this website is super problematic. Its always contradicting itself and saying “Don’t be this” but “this is cute” such as – the Halloween costumes – don’t be a cat that’s too basic, but sure, be a ghost because thats so original, I used to adore and obsess over this website but now I’m not sure, it just seems to critical and harsh. If you want to wear your make up a certain way, GO FOR IT. If you want to wear your clothes a certain way, GO FOR IT. If you want to wear your Halloween costume a certain way, GO FOR IT. I’m so tired of it. No one comments anymore, it just seems so dead. Which is totally disappointing. Thanks for the previous fun ‘Gurl’. But I’m done. (This is just my opinion).