18 Awful Things Guys Have Said On First Dates That Will Shock You

I’m not going to lie – first dates are pretty terrifying. Even if you’re going out with someone you’ve known for a while and feel pretty comfortable with, it’s still an uncomfortable situation that leaves you open to some pretty weird happenings. Going on a first date fills you with nerves, stress, and awkwardness, which can lead to an interesting outcome.

Sometimes people get so nervous on a first date that they end up saying something stupid that they immediately regret. I’d like to think that was the case with the dudes below, but I don’t really think that’s the truth. This Ask Women Reddit thread is all about the horrible things they’ve heard guys say on first dates, and, uh, they are kind of the worst. They’re so awful that they will make you rethink your feelings about human beings and first dates. Check out these 18 terrible things guys have said on first dates:


1. moist_hatchet_wound: After an awkward dinner at a restaurant, we went back to my house to watch a movie. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt for being awkward in public. Well he later said he had to leave because he missed his mom.



2. Piewhackit: “I spent a month in jail in Palestine because this girl accused me of raping her.” He then ordered for me, tried to feed me, got mad at me when I ate the crab cake off our appetizer because he wanted some (moments before he told me he was extremely allergic to crab.)



3. Katies_Stilettos: We met at a restaurant. I thought he was a gentleman because he pulled my chair back for me as I sat down.He sits down and looks at my chest and first thing out of his mouth “Are those tits real ?” I was so shocked by the question that my mind went blank and I became sick to my stomach.



4. P_Grammicus: “So….I heard you have a black belt. Does that mean that if I try and date rape you tonight that you could kill me?”



5. frankly_birdie: “You mentioned you love your job…so are you going to be one of those wives who makes your husband stay home and do all your housework while you pursue a career?”



6. BlueBerryJazz: “I enjoy making feminists angry. ”



7. undertheaurora: “At least I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong name…” said the guy when we went back to my place for make outs. I had the same name as his ex-girlfriend. And while I have a very off-beat sense of humour, saying that in the heat of the make outs is NOT the time.



8. toritxtornado: “I’d be okay with meeting him, but I wouldn’t approve of his decision to be gay” He then starting quoting Bible verses. K.

what the hell


9. DandelionFire: “Wow, you’re really smart! I’ve only dated stupid girls. So how many dates until smarties put out?”



10. fairbianca: it was our first date, and things were going wonderful….and then he asked why my last relationship ended. I was a bit appalled that someone would ask me something so personal when we only knew each other for a couple hours at that point. I tried to make light of it while still being honest (my last ex cheated). guy’s response: so how was your sex life? me: (completely floored, but still trying to keep it light) well, I admired his stamina. guy’s response: that doesn’t answer my question. He was puzzled when things didn’t work out.

jess new girl


11. leverhelven: “I know what Hitler did was wrong, but if you stop to think about it, you can totally understand his motivations.”

what is wrong with you


12. Mooniluna: “Next time we do this, it should be a threesome.” – Him during post-coital pillow talk. Just. What?

heidi klum


13. lumbergriff: “Oh don’t worry. Your personality is just a phase. I think I can deal with it until you grow up and match that of someone more mature like myself.”

oh really


14. whattoucantfind: “Hang on I gotta check to see how much money I have for dinner” counts cash



15. peppermintChip: Us in line at subway, me opening my mouth about to order: “–oh, don’t worry I know what you want. I know this is a pretty big decision for your tiny lady brain!” I was in shock and he ordered for me. I ate the shitty turkey sandwich and never saw him again after that~

ni ki


16. liftinggirl: “I like to do cocaine and MDMA sometimes. But don’t worry, I don’t have that addictive personality. I can stop whenever I want.”

dude no


17. look_who_it_isnt: “I should be upfront with you: I was in jail for some time. Nothing serious, just armed robbery.” Nothing serious.

jenna marbles


18. Leevamealowen: “Wow, you’re really pale. Have you considered tanning?”



Which of these things do you think is the worst thing that was said? What’s the worst thing a guy ever said to you on a date? Tell us in the comments!

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15 More Horrible Things Guys Have Said On First Dates

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  • Renee Stone

    hahaha totally into 16

  • Zoe Adkins

    Sitting in the back of the movies. Him- “Are you a virgin?”
    Me- “Yes.”
    Him- “Are you sure?”
    Me- “Positive.”
    Him- “What, you’re pregnant?!”
    I was thirteen!