WTF Are The Bumps On Your Nipples?


Okay so there are these raised bumps around my nipples, but not on them, on my boob. And they are only there when my nipples get perky. Is that normal? They don’t hurt at all and they just recently formed there. It’s kind of freaking me out though.


It’s always weird to feel strange bumps pop up on random parts of your body and realize they aren’t pimples – especially on your boobs. I understand the feeling, so I decided to consult my doctor buddy, Dr. Sherry Ross from the site HelloFlo (a monthly period care package you need to check out), so that she could give you the most accurate answer possible.

Dr. Ross said, “Don’t worry! You are describing normal changes of a maturing breast.” So, see? You’re not alone! It happens to many people. But let’s discuss the details. Dr. Ross explains:

Breasts, nipples, and areolas come in many different shapes and sizes. The breast is made up of breast tissue, a nipple, and a pigmented area around the nipple called the areola. Along the skin surface of the areola and around the nipple, there are glands called Montgomery glands which are similar to sweat glands. There are many (5 to 20) of these small glands in the areola that produce an oily secretion that helps keep the nipple moist. These glands look like small raised bumps.

“In pregnancy, these glands enlarge and are more noticeable as they prepare to lubricate the breast during breastfeeding. If you squeeze these bumps (which I don’t recommend) you will see white secretions coming from them.” In other words – they are totally natural and nothing to worry about. In fact, you actually need them.

So no worries! The bumps may not be ideal, but they are definitely not unsafe.

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