7 Reasons Why We Need To Start Wearing Fanny Packs Again

My phone was stolen last week, thanks to a lovely combination of my thoughtlessness and being too impatient to shove my phone into my overstuffed purse. I’m someone who managed to lose my purse in the middle of midtown Manhattan (and miraculously got it back), but I guess I still didn’t learn my lesson in time for my latest flub. Now I’m super paranoid about where my belongings are, to the point of freaking out about leaving my purse on the train when it is just chillin’ on my shoulder.

I know I’m not alone here. If you haven’t had a scare about losing your purse, you’ve probably actually lost the whole thing all together, which is the worst.

You know what would reduce a lot of this purse anxiety? Not dealing with an effing purse. That’s why I propose that we all embrace fanny packs again (also known as bumbags for those of you from across the pond, where fanny is slang for vagina).Yes, we need to bring back the dorky aesthetic our moms rocked in the ’90s. Here are seven reasons why. Prepare for fanny pack supremacy, y’all.

So, would you wear a fanny pack? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I agree on all points! I hate carrying a purse. I wear a BANDI belt. It holds my essentials – phone, keys, cash/ID, credit cards, lip gloss, gum. Sleek modern alternative to the fanny pack. No bulky bouncing blob on my hip… BANDI is stylish and comes in dozens of fun prints and solid colors. http://www.bandiwear.com