8 Times It’s Actually Okay To Lie To Your Friends

Let me be clear: I don’t lie and I’m a committed anti-liar. However, I may or may not be telling the complete truth the whole time.

It goes without saying that you should never lie to your friends or anyone else you love and trust. If you value that relationship, you won’t jeopardize it by not telling someone the truth. Lies have a sneaky way of snowballing and getting out of hand, even when you struggle to keep things together. You will get caught in a large enough lie because that ish always comes back around.

However, in some instances, small “white lies” are passable if it means sparing your friend’s feelings, avoiding an awkward situation, or keeping your friend out of trouble. Sometimes they can even help preserve your relationship instead of wrecking it. What am I talking about? Here are 8 times it’s actually okay to lie to your friends:

"I don't have a crush on your crush!"

No, you totally do. However, if you've kept silent for this long or if your crush has already made a move on your friend, let it go. You'll get over it in time and you shouldn't stand in the way of your friend being (potentially) happy with this person. It's not worth making it awkward, especially if they wind up getting together. Also, you can't call dibbs on people!

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"No, I haven't seen [your friend]."

If it keeps your friend out of trouble, go ahead and lie. If your friend is hiding from an ex, snuck out during lunch period, or he/she is avoiding a fight with your other friend? You have absolutely no idea where they went!

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"Of Course I Don't Think Your Nose Is Big!"

If your friend is complaining about an insecurity they have about the way they look, and they ask your opinion, do not say anything mean that is going to hurt them. Yeah, maybe you do think their nose is a little big. If they're saying they want to lose 10 pounds, maybe you're looking at them thinking, "Yeah, maybe you should." But don't say that to them! Friends should be encouraging, not people who put you down. We all have insecurities and they don't need to be made worse.

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"I think [your friend's significant other] is great!"

No, you think he/she is boring and can't hold up a conversation if it had literal handles to grip it with. Still, this person makes your friend happy and your approval means a lot to them. If you think that person is fundamentally awful and is going to hurt your friend, of course speak up, but if it's a matter of you two not having shared interests or establishing a rapport yet, don't spoil his/her happiness.

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"My bf/gf totally likes you!"

No, your significant other told you that he/she thought your friend was annoying. Which is rude. Still, that's an issue to work out within your relationship and has nothing to do with your friend (who is amazing and did nothing wrong!) Spare their feelings and make sure your boo knows how much you value this person and to make an effort in getting to know him/her.

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"You're right [your friend's nemesis] totally sucks!"

If they have declared someone an enemy who is legitimately your friend as well, maybe speak up, but if this person is someone you're impartial on, you can fake having an opinion. That awful girl from the other school who threw a drink at your friend at a party? She sucks! (You have literally never interacted with her in your life.)

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"I was in your neighborhood."

No, you weren't. You were sad and reflexively found your way to your friend's house because you need them. But absolutely make it seem casual so they don't get weirded out. And honestly, even if you were to tell the truth, it probably wouldn't freak them out too much. That's what friends are for.

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If It's Their Surprise Party

Yes, it's very important that we stall at this Starbucks for 30 minutes while all of our friends assemble at your place because we want to make sure *everyone* is there for the big reveal. This is Olympic level fully committed new-truth lying and I will happily do it for any friend who has a surprise party 🙂

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Which of these lies do you disagree about? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments.


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