7 Real Ways To Deal If You Feel Like You Have No Friends In College

So, you’ve made it to college. Great! College is a cool, fun time..

You know what’s not so cool and fun? When all the excitement and fervor of orientation week (O-Week, if you will) wears off, say, a month into the school year, and you feel like you have no friends. Like, zero. This can happen to people at pretty much any stage in their college career–freshman year, yeah, but also to anyone who transfers schools at some point, or just someone who wants to make a fresh start, friends-wise. It can feel pretty terrible, but, luckily, there are some great ways to handle it:

Join A New Club

I mean, duh. This is probably the advice you'll probably hear the most when you're trying to figure out a way to make friends--but people wouldn't say it all the time if it wasn't true. Clubs are probably the best way to meet people with similar interests. So, whether it's Amnesty International or the outdoors club, figure out what you want to do, and you'll definitely make friends there.

Venture Outside Of Your Dorm

You probably don't realize how much time you're spending cooped up in your dorm room--get out of there! Like the girl in this stock photo, you'll come to realize that the outdoors are a vaguely terrifying, yet titillating, experience. Study in the library instead of your room, sit outside when you're talking on the phone with your mom, actually sit in the dining hall instead of getting to go. And don't be afraid to do any of this by yourself! You'll look confident, not like a loner.

Talk To People In Your Dorm

Talk to the people you see around your dorm--and not just the people on your hall. A great way to meet people from other floors is to hang out in your building's lounge. Other people will be there too--studying, eating, etc.--so it's a great way to meet people.

Talk To People In Your Classes

Don't succumb to the temptation to just show up to class, jot down a few illegible notes, and hightail it out of there. Instead, talk to people there--a good way to do this is to create a study group. This way, you'll be totally prepared for any exams AND have a squad that totally gets how insane your Anthro professor is.

Go Off-Campus

Get off campus in any way that you can! You don't HAVE to go to the hipster coffee shop in the so-called "downtown" area (though you'll probably meet some cool people there). You can volunteer somewhere, go to concerts, and eat at the cool restaurants you've been wanting to try. You'll be surprised by how many people from your own school you'll meet when you go off campus.

Just Ask

Seriously, don't be scared to ask people if they want to hang out with you. Most people are looking for friends their first year of college, so they'll be happy that you're reaching out.

Remember That You Aren't The Only One Who Feels Like This

Even though it can seem as though everyone else has tons of friends and is having *the* best college experience, that's not exactly true. It's normal to feel kind of alone if you're new in school. If you wait it out and make an effort to be social, you can change this for yourself.


Do you think this is good advice? What would you say to do? Let us know in the comments!

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