10 Real Girls Share Their Most Embarrassing Bra Stories

Bras are great for holding our boobs in place, making things more comfortable, and sometimes making us feel super sexy. They’re awesome… until they’re not so awesome. Bras get annoying when they dig into your skin, make you sweatier than you should be, or peek through your clothes. But all of that is nothing compared to some of these embarrassing bra moments.

If you ever thought that nothing weird could happen with a bra, think again. This Ask Reddit Women thread proves that wrong! There’s a lot that can happen, and while it may be mortifying in the moment, it’s pretty funny to talk about later. Here, 10 real girls share their most embarrassing bra stories. Now it’s your turn! Leave yours in the comments below – after reading these, of course.

The Whole Class Saw She Stuffed Her Bra

nimbly_bimbly_bitch: 6th grade. Bra stuffer. Teacher asked me to answer a question. Everyone turns to hear the answer. People giggle. Someone asks me strait up if I stuff my bra. I look down, WHAM. Tissue paper just burstin' out. Cried myself to sleep. Blushing even now, 8 years later.

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She Forgot A Sports Bra

[deleted]: I wore the wrong bra to gym class in high school once. It was the day we did jump rope exercises. One bounce and my tits were out. My friend laughed so hard that she fell to the floor crying. I couldn't properly jump rope because any bounce and they popped out.

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She Refused To Wear A Bra and Regretted It Later

behemot1: When I started growing breasts I didn't dare to buy a bra because I thought it was embarrassing, because having breasts was embarrassing (not really sure about that logic), so I tied a scarf around them. Then once in gym class the scarf untied itself and fell out. Pretty sure no one saw me though.. And pretty sure I bought a real bra after that.

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A Dude Undid Her Bra

Lady_Underhill: At my high school graduation I was wearing a dress with spaghetti straps and a strapless bra. After the ceremony when I took of my robe, one of the guys decided to fake a hug and unclasp my bra. I had to ask my poor, teary-eyed principal to re-hook it for me.

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The Dog Blew Up Their Spot

[deleted]: My boyfriend's mom found one of my bras after their dog carried it down two flights of stairs from the attic to the living room.

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It Broke Open During Class

brobdingnagian_brain: Worst was probably junior year of high school. I was taking the ACT and my bra randomly snapped open. It was really loud, so everyone heard. Then later when I tried to awkwardly fix it during a break, the overzealous proctor asked me if I was cheating, and the guy next to me was like, "No, her bra is broken..." Woo.

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Her Snap Broke At The Worst Time

rightsidejane: Was wearing a front snap bra, snap broke. My hefty ladies came busting noticeably out while I was interviewing someone. To make the moment even sweeter, I had been wearing a white silk blend tee. So it was painfully more obvious.

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She Had To Find Her Bra In Front Of Her Whole Family

fxiangel: One of my first bras was hot pink. We were meeting relatives for the first time and my sister decided to freeze my bra. I woke up in the morning to having everyone around the kitchen when my uncle pulled it out of the freezer and I had to claim it. Horrible moment.

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Everyone Saw Through Her Shirt

cecikierk: When I was in high school gymnastic team, our standard issued leotard was dark purple and modern gymnastics leotards are made from thick stretchy velvet, so it didn't matter what color bra we wear underneath. On the day of the team photo shoot our coach for some reason felt that our normal leotard doesn't look good enough, so she dug up some white Lycra leotards from probably the 70's and made us wear that instead. I was wearing a leopard print sport bra and a photo of me with leopard print bra showing through ended up on our local newspaper. Oh and I was wearing black underwear too.

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Her Bra Stuffing Came Out

[deleted]: Grade 7. Padded bra. The stuffing came out over the top of my shirt. Everyone noticed.

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Which of these bra stories did you think was the worst? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Karma Lebold

    i was with my guy friend andouse one of his friends that i didnt really know a few summers back and were heading to my friends h. my underwire snapped and kept stabbing me so i had to ask my friend to unhook my bra for me so i could pull the underwire out. because it was summer time, i was in a shaghetti strap tank top. so my guy friend undoes my bra and i slip it off and start pulling the underwire out. then his parents show up an im standing there holding my bra