23 Of The Most Insane Homecoming Proposals That You Will Ever See

Can you imagine if someone asked you to Homecoming, but, like…they just asked you? Like, they merely said, “Hey, do you want to go to Homecoming with me?” And you were like, “Yeah, sure,” and then…that was just the end of it?

Gross, right? No, these days, if you want to go to any school event with someone–let alone what is arguably the most important one, Homecoming–you’re going to have to create what is at least a minor spectacle, but, preferably, something akin to a major holiday. Because that’s what the high school experience is all about–getting asked to events in a manner so extravagant that it would make Kylie Jenner jealous, obviously. Anyway, here are some of the most insane ways people got asked to Homecoming in 2015 alone. Check it out:

1. All the other girls at school will be so jealous when you show up to Homecoming on the arm of Peter Pan himself:

2. Or, um, a Spiderman doll:

3. The Weeknd would be proud. Or something:

4. Clever to invoke One Direction in these proposals–who could say no to that Louis cut-out?

5. Chase seems kind of demanding, if you ask me:

6. Okay, no shade–this is amazing. It works for me on a multiplicity of levels:
Source: Cosmopolitan

7. From now on, I will only being accepting date proposals from people if they get an ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL INVOLVED:

8. Or if they spend, like, $300 for the mere privilege of asking me out:

9. Drake is very big for Homecoming proposals this year (and not just in stature):

10. ♫ You used to call me on my cell phone ♫

11. K.


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12. Can’t get enough of the minions? This will make you melt. Can’t stand ’em? This will send you into a spiral of rage!


13. This is the very definition of “points for effort:”

14. Don’t worry, everyone–the mustaches are real:

15. Hey, don’t call this nice boy ugly–he clearly put a lot of work into this:

16. Wait–who is asking whom here? The one with the poster, or the one with the shoes? Are they dueling for her affections? So many follow-up questions here!


17. Cake? Check. Van Gogh pun? Check. Funky socks? Check. An accepted Homecoming invitation? Stay tuned!


18. “Netflix and chill” has gone too far. TOO FAR, I SAY:


19. Case in point:

20. Ah, yes– if you go absolutely HAM with your Emperor’s New Groove look, you’ll get all the ladies:


21. Now, who could turn a nice, terrifying boy like this down?


22. You can’t ask the most perfect date of all without a lot of effort:

23. And, of course, how could I forget the most elaborate proposal of all?


Do you also think this proposals are over-the-top? Or are you like, “Eh, I’ve seen better”? Let us know in the comments!

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