Try To Make It Through The WORST First Kiss Disasters You Can Imagine

A first kiss can be magical. You can get all tingly and excited and feel like you’re about to explode from all the feels. And even better, in most cases, this is where the story of your first real relationship is born.


But let’s be honest: Even though kissing is great, first kisses are not always like the fairy-tale scenes that we see on screen. They can also be pretty awkward and nerve-wracking, considering all the things that could go wrong. I mean, what if you sneeze or burp? What if you get rejected? Or what if you have no privacy?

Are you terrified yet? Well, just wait until check out all of the scenarios below:





Which of these was the hardest decision for you to make? Think you could handle these scenarios IRL? Tell us in the comments below! 

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