13 Times J. K. Rowling Literally Slayed Everyone On Twitter

Is there anything that J.K. Rowling can’t do? She’s already written what is, objectively, the greatest book series of all time (which is, obviously, the Cormoran Strike books). And, you know, that other book series called Harry Potter (ever heard of it?).

Oh, and she also happens to be freaking amazing at being on Twitter. Like, she’s a total savage. Who knew that the woman who regularly writes 700-page novels would also be able to say so much when confined to a mere 140 characters? Check out her 13 most flawless tweets, ranging from what Severus Snape really smells like, to shutting down a gross Serena Williams hater:


1. When she knew just how to announce some news:

2. And when she had the perfect response to a tweet she didn’t really want to answer:

3. When she revealed what Snape REALLY smells like:

4. When she disproved this, um, interesting theory:

5. When she wished “hbd” to regulation hottie Tom Felton, and hearts melted all across the globe:

6. And when she also sent her birthday wishes to Hermione, confirming that she is, in fact, actually real:

7. When she got serious about a very important fan fiction debate:

8. When someone asked why she wasn’t dead and she was like “uhhhh…”:

9. When she made Hufflepuffs everywhere really, really happy:

10. When she knew exactly how you feel about that paper you have to write but reeeeaaally don’t want to:

11.When someone tried to mansplain soccer (er, football) to her:

12. When someone tried to sass her and they got their sass handed right back to them:

13. And, finally, when she had the perfect response for someone who tried to body-shame Serena Williams:

Do you also love J.K. Rowling? What was your favorite tweet? Let us know in the comments!

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