13 Things That Are SO You When You Literally Can’t Even

There are times when you can’t. There are times when you just can’t. And finally (and most importantly) there are those times–which are deeply challenging, yet somehow sacred–when you literally can’t even.

I mean, we’ve all been there. Especially if you are a so-called “digital native”–the kind of person whose day starts with Twitter and ends with Tumblr, and you make your trade in memes and strategically-placed hashtags. Sound familiar? Here are 13 posts that are just so you. It’s too real. Like, you’ll just be like same, right? I mean, you will actually freaking die over this post because it just gets how much you literally can’t even:

1. When you need a book that tells you how to even:


2. As well as a story book to soothe your future children before they go to sleep at night:


3. When you just can’t so much that you just up and quit your (fairly high-profile) job:

4. When you object to this tweet because it stereotypes people but it’s also so you:

5. When this is how The New York Times tries to express the phrase “literally can’t even” and it’s so you that you literally can’t even:
6. When you relate, on a spiritual level, to this dog:


7. When Jimmy Fallon just gets you:


8. When you’re seriously considering buying seven of these t-shirts so that you finally have something that’s so you to wear every single day:


9. When this perfectly expresses how you feel every single day of your life because it’s so you:

10. When you always can’t even, but especially when the people who work at your Most Holy Place blaspheme its correct terminology:

11. When you literally need this:


12. When others can read the “literally cannot” on your face:

#literallycanteven #RollsEyes #Seriously

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13. When all of your friends give this to you in poster form to try and tell you that you can even and you’re like no:



Is this so you when you literally can’t even? Have the words “can’t,” “literally,” and “even” lost all meaning for you? (They have for me.) Let us know in the comments below!

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