20 Things Only Girls Who Cry A Lot Will Understand

I know that Fergie said “big girls don’t cry,” but she’s obviously never met me. I CRY AT LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I prefer to call it being “emotionally available,” although some guys I’ve dated like to call it “crazy,” which is just rude. People get freaked out if I start to cry, but I know that it’s just my body’s way of processing emotions. I also know that getting a lot of sleep, having less stress in my life, and meditating can help me control the waterworks.

You’re a girl – that means you’ve got lot of hormones coursing through that beautiful body of yours. It’s okay to cry. Yes, there are more appropriate places to let the tears flow than others (for example, crying at work is a no-no), but it’s also healthy to cry as a way to process difficult situations. 

If you’re a gal who tends to tear up at the slightest provocation, you’ll relate to the below. Here are 20 things only girls who cry a lot will understand:

1. You don’t always know why you’re crying.

Sometimes it just feels good to let it out, ya know?


2. You strategize your makeup around the odds that you will or won’t cry that day.

I just avoid mascara altogether.


 3. Sad movies ALWAYS get you.

Even when watching a movie on a plane. *hangs head in shame*


4. So does heartfelt music.

Damn you, Ed Sheeran!


5. And when a character in a book dies? FORGET IT.

Or if you’re reading the Fault In Our Stars  you just cry the whole way through.


6. An emotional commercial can even set you off.

It’s a little ridiculous.


7. It’s hard to have a semi-emotional conversation without totally losing it.

It can make other people feel really uncomfortable.


8. The second someone confronts you about something you did, you break down.

Same thing when you get pulled over by a cop!


9. When you’re stressed, it translates into tears.

Some people get angry, you get weepy.


10. When you’re happy, it translates into tears.

Them: “What’s wrong?” You: “Nothing, I’m just happy!”


11. Basically all emotions are tears!

Nothin’ wrong with that!


12. When you’re PMSing you become even MORE prone to a breakdown.


13. People often don’t know how to react to you…



14. And they can be totally thrown off that you’re getting emotional.



15. The more you try NOT to cry, the more you’ll cry.

One of life’s cruel ironies.


16. You and your friends are very familiar with your “I’m about to cry” face.

Avoid the triggers!


17. Crying in the bathroom? IT’S ONE OF YOUR HOBBIES.

Splash some water on your face and get on with your day.


18. You’re kind of over the fact that you cry so much.

If only it was something you could control.


19. But, you’ll admit – sometimes it feels good.

Cry it out, girl.

20. Plus, it feels really good to be comforted when you’re crying.



Are you someone who cries a lot? Which one of these do you relate to most? Let me know in the comments below!

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