7 Reasons Why The Planned Parenthood Situation Can Ruin Your Life

Over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a few things: Hashtags like #StandWithPP and #PinkOut trending, people’s social media user pics turning pink, and a reinvigorated debate about abortion. That’s because politicians are trying their hardest to prevent the United State’s government from providing federal funding to Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to providing reproductive health services. So why are people so mad about that? Because Planned Parenthood provides abortion services.

Are the abortion services funded by the government? No, those are specifically funded by donors and other entities. Is Planned Parenthood masquerading as an abortion clinic? Uh, no, because abortion consists of only three percent of their overall services. Still, super right-wingers want to kill Planned Parenthood and Republicans in the House of Representatives already voted to defund it.

This is a travesty, and a lot of misinformation and general disdain for women’s health have just fueled the flames. You might not really care, but you should. Here are seven reasons why the Planned Parenthood situation can ruin your life.

Less Access To Free Contraception

Planned Parenthood has plenty of free condoms available, so you don't have to deal with the awkwardness of running into somebody you know at the store.


You'll Have A Hard Time Finding A Super Teen Friendly Clinic

Confidentiality laws vary from state to state, but there are states in which you can roll into Planned Parenthood and get an exam without having to tell your parents, even if you're underage. So your parents don't have to know about that STD screening or that abortion talk.

Without Planned Parenthood, teens lose a huge ally in the world of sexual health.

My Mad Fat Diary

Good Luck Getting That STD Sceening

Something funky going on down south that you want checked out? Planned Parenthood has you covered in a shame-free environment. About 42 percent of their overall services are dedicated to STD treatment, so you're in safe hands.

I don't even want to think about how many more people out there will be reluctant to get themselves checked out without access to PP.

Say Goodbye To Easily Accessible Cancer Screenings, Breast Exams, Men's Health Services, And More

Most people think that Planned Parenthood is just an abortion factory, but many of their most popular services include things like breast exams, cervical cancer screenings, pap smears, etc. They also have great services for transgender patients. Plus, cis-gender men can get help at Planned Parenthood, too.

Are pap smears and breast exams evil now, too? Didn't think so.

If You Don't Have A Lot Of Money, You're Out Of A Health Care PRovider

Many low-income people can receive free health services thanks to Planned Parenthood. Since that can be a huge hurdle for people who don't have much money or access to other medical facilities, this is a huge plus.

No More Accessible Abortion Services

Yes, Planned Parenthood provides abortions...and that's a good thing. Obviously not everyone agrees with that, but I think that most of us can agree that if someone is getting an abortion, it is best that it is provided by medical professionals in a safe environment as opposed to some back alley operation.

Plus, it's important that Planned Parenthood sticks around because there are some areas of the United States in which abortion facilities are incredibly few and far between. In some areas, the closest place to get an abortion is hundreds of miles away...and it's at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Without that, where is someone going to get an abortion?

Get Used To A Lot More Sexual Shaming

We live in a country of abstinence only education and sex shaming on the regular. Planned Parenthood is against that BS and provides services that are dedicated to sexual health, not sexual shame.

Has Planned Parenthood ever helped you? What’s your position on the abortion debate? Tell us in the comments!

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