15 Tips On How To Actually Clean Your Bedroom All Messy Girls Need To Know

Real talk: I am an extremely messy person. I know how to be organized in my own weird way, but this in no way means I’m neat. My car and desk are both pretty cluttered, but the absolute worst is my bedroom. Walk into my bedroom on most days, and you’ll find a room filled with stuff because I literally own more things than anyone in the world (maybe). Clothes replace the carpet, beauty products spill from every available surface, jewelry is tangled together on my dresser, the bed is never made, there are more broken hangers than whole ones, and you will most likely step on something sharp or breakable.

I’ve accepted my messy tendencies, but that doesn’t mean I like them. Every time I walk in my disaster area of a bedroom, I cringe and feel overwhelmed. I hate shifting through piles of clothes to find the one black shirt I can’t find. I hate trying to relax in bed when looking around makes me feel stressed. I can’t stand walking over to my vanity and accidentally stepping on an expensive handbag that shouldn’t be on the floor. And I really hate when I’m hanging out with friends and I can’t bring them into my bedroom to chill because it’s too embarrassing – and my room is really cute!


So, this weekend, after an entire summer’s worth of a mess happened (I was busy, okay?), I decided to do a deep cleaning. I spent an entire Sunday cleaning my room – no exaggeration. I woke up, went up there armed with laundry baskets and garbage bags, and got to work. I threw out four big garbage bags worth of stuff, got a whole pile of old clothes and shoes together to give away, and organized everything. I even changed my comforter and pillows, and found a few things I had been searching for. I actually can’t wait to go home tonight, get in my bed, and look around my clean room!

BUT ANYWAY. This post isn’t about my clean room, although I did want a reason to brag about it. It’s about how to clean YOUR room, especially if your mother is anything like mine and is constantly nagging you to. If you’re throwing things in drawers and rushing through the process, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here are 15 tips on how to actually clean your bedroom:

Which of these cleaning tips did you find the most helpful? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Great post! Now I already have something to give to my daughter :). I think she is too lazy but hopefully this will be helpful to her as well 🙂

  • Juli

    i’m sorry but who has 60.00 for hangers!

  • Sarah Shortlidge

    Love this! I’m a fan of cleaning and organizing, but my best friend is finally getting this forwarded to her! Expanding on the shoeboxes for storage thing, I wrap my old shoe boxes with fun duct tape. Now they are cute, functional, and cheap!