Choose Between These 8 Horrific Halloween Hookup Disasters

I don’t know about you, but I’m lookin’ to get down to clown this Halloween. Why, with the vast array of sexy costumes offered to me by this great, wide world–such as a sexy troll costume, a sexy Minion costume, and an actual sexy clown costume–getting down to clown should be no problem at all.

I mean, with all of these “sexy” Halloween costumes being constantly thrust (if you will) in my face, I kind of just start to assume that that’s all that is expected of girls on Halloween–to look sexy so that guys will want to get with them. Now, obviously, we are not down (to clown) with that agenda here at Gurl, but it made me start to think that, with all of these “sexy” costumes, something is bound to wrong during, you know, the actual sexy part. So now the choice is up to you–choose between these horrifying Halloween hookup disasters that are far scarier than any of the Halloween movies:




I’m so sorry.

Were these the worst Halloween hookup decisions ever? What was the hardest question for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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