13 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Express How Antisocial You Really Are

Look, in theory, we all love hanging out with our “friends” and “family.”

But in reality? It’s all about the me, myself, and I. And the Netflix. And the cheese. Ah, that’s life. You agree with me, do you not? Here are 13 perfect tweets that just get–like, actually, they are so you–how much you love being alone more than hanging out with people. Ew:

1. Try me, jerk:

2. Eternal spinsterhood? Sign me the heck UP:

3. I mean, I do both. Personally:

4. TFW when an emo TV character has a much more social life than you, but–who cares?

5. Sam King is all of us:

6. When you turn to this gif for your daily inspiration:

7. If you’ve never done this, YOU’RE LYING:

8. When WiFi is bae:

9. Sometimes, the only way to avoid human interaction is to pretend that you’re in timeout. Forever:

10. Like, why leave your house? Ever?

11. It’s an occupational hazard, but you’re strong enough to take it:

12. Sometimes, people get worried about you and you go on the defensive:

13. It’s important to bring a picture of bae with you just in case you ever have to leave to house, just so other people don’t get any funny ideas:

Do you agree with these tweets? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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