12 Cute And Funny Texts You’ll Actually Want To Send To Your Crush

When I heard the news about Facebook developing a “dislike” button, I assumed that, at last, they had heard my cries.

My cries of anguish, that is, that I let out whenever I see someone post a screenshot of a text conversation between them and their “bae” on social media with the caption “relationship goals.” I mean, like, I’m glad that you and bae are happy together. I really, really am. It’s just that I don’t need to see your preemptive sexts on my newsfeed in between pictures of my grandma’s Mediterranean cruise, you know?

Recently, though, I have come across a lot of texts from people in that are funny and cute. I must begrudgingly admit that they give even my heart–jaded and battered as it is by all of the trash I see on Facebook on the regular–the most earnest of all “relationship goals.” Check them out:

1. When you date someone who’s very…passionate, apparently, about their craft:




2. When they can find a way to make literally everything about you:




3. When they quote the thirstiest Drake lyrics…for you:



4. When they talk dirty to you:




5. When they DGAF about the fact that your life is in a constant state of disarray haven’t brushed your hair for weeks:




6. When your bae understands that your bed is your actual bae:




7. When they take “unconditional love” to the next level:




8. When they would sacrifice an angel-voicéd pop star…for you:




9. When they don’t care that you friendzone them all the time, even though you’re officially together:




10. When it’s fine that you’re trash, ’cause they’re kinda into garbage:




11. When they think you’re breaking up with them but really you’re just hungry:




12. And, finally…when they do cute things like “not knowing who you are” and “being unaware that you’re in a relationship:”



Do these texts make you feel better about the whole concept of relationship goals? Which one was your favorite? (Mine’s definitely the last one.) Let us know in the comments below!

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