20 Tumblr Posts About School Dress Codes That Will Enrage You

School dress codes (actually, dress codes in general), are not a new thing. There have always been standards of how people should dress for school, work, an office building, or a formal event. So when we talk about the school dress codes that fill us with rage, it’s not that we have a problem with dress codes in general – we have a problem with the way school dress codes in particular target young women. 

More often than not, school dress code rules focus more on what girls can and can’t wear than what guys can and can’t wear. Search “school dress codes” on Tumblr or Twitter, and you’ll see a bunch of examples of girls who have gotten in trouble for little violations like wearing spaghetti straps and showing off her shoulders, while their male peers are walking around in shirts with disgusting sayings and getting away with it. Many school dress codes include rules for what girls can’t wear because they don’t want guys to get distracted from their work.

Okay, so administrators don’t want young, horny teen dudes to get distracted from their work. Fair enough. Except… why do girls have to change what they’re wearing so they don’t get distracted? Why can’t these dudes be taught to stop looking at girls and get their work done? Does that seem fair to anyone? Because it doesn’t to me.

I’m not the only one who feels angry about these unfair and sexist rules – school dress codes have gotten out of hand in the last few months, and we’re all sick of it. If you still don’t get it, here are 20 Tumblr posts about school dress codes that will enrage you. Share to spread the word!


1. This actually makes total sense:



2. Yup. That would be nice!



3. When your school dress code is all about restricting girls, but has, like, two rules for the guys.



4. Pretty much!



5. Do you hear how ridiculous these excuses sound?



6. So instead of helping dudes, school dress codes are actually making their futures more difficult.



7. That moment when your school is basically helping rape culture stay alive.



8. When people make a huge deal about such a small thing:



9. When you realize how absurd this is, and then you realize that this might be how some people really think.



10. When you realize girls can wear whatever they want in college and work still gets done somehow.



11.  Accurate:



12. The worst is when they say the teachers will be distracted:



13. When this point is made and you can totally agree:



14. When you realize how unfair this is:



15. When you remember that literally no one cared or talked about this stuff until teachers made it a big deal:



16. When you really think about this:



17. When you see real-life examples of the sexism:



18. YUP.



19. When stuff like this happens:



20. When you wonder if your teachers have ever seen normal body parts before:



Which of these Tumblr posts makes you the most angry? What’s the worst school dress code rule you’ve ever heard? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ember Hermin

    Where the heck do these people live? In my school the dress code also forbids sagging and explicitly sexual or violent content on clothing, in addition to really short skirts. They won’t call you out for a slightly showing strap or exposed shoulders either.