12 Popular Beauty Trends You Didn’t Know Are Dangerous

Beauty trends are nothing new – for thousands of years, new ones have been introduced to us while old ones have been proclaimed useless, outdated, or even dangerous. Some of these trends actually work, and become part of the everyday beauty routine for many women around the world. Other trends are exactly that – a trend. A popular fad that makes headlines for a little while, then disappears to be replaced with something newer.

But then there are the trends that become super popular, despite the fact that they’re actually really bad for you, and even potentially dangerous and harmful to your health. Sometimes it seems like there are people who will do anything out there in the name of “beauty” (ahem, self-tanning beds that are proven to cause cancer yet remain in-demand), which is a little terrifying.

You should know if the trend you’re getting into might be bad for you, and that’s where we come in. Here are 12 popular beauty trends that you didn’t know are actually dangerous. If you’re doing any of this stuff, you might want to stop and move on to something different!

Which of these beauty trends have you tried? Which do you think is the worst? Tell me in the comments.

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  • ur_overrated

    Dear Jessica Booth, maybe you should research before you make baseless claims like this. You are white, thus know very little about black hair. The 2 hairstyles mentioned, when done properly, are actually very successful ways for black woman to give our hair a break and to let it grow. Even a little bit of research would have lead you to discover this. Just a little bit. And to add insult to injury, you took the instagram picture of a young black woman with box braids just enjoying life. Does she even know that her picture is carrying the weight of your misinformation? Obviously in the effort to appear inclusive, you decided to go the short easy route and take two hairstyles that to you seemed like a problem, and wrote it as such.

    • Ellie

      I am actually fairly sure that the girl in that picture is Ashley Reese, another Gurl.com author. So yes, I’m almost completely sure that she knows her picture is on this article.