11 Meaningful Tattoos That Will Definitely Make You Rethink Everything

Tattoos are a big decision that some people take too lightly. I have nothing against tattoos, but I do tell everyone I know to really think about what they want before they get it. Something that’s cool now will most likely make no sense in fifty years (I’m looking at you, guy who got 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos). Getting a star or a triangle on your wrist is cute, but does it actually mean anything? Probably nothing. Call me old fashioned, but permanent fixtures like tattoos should have some thought put into them.

The tattoos below, however, have beautiful stories behind them that memorialize an important person or time in life. The circumstances surrounding the tattoos are so touching that they may make you want to give that person you love a big squeeze next time you see them. Try reading about these 11 meaningful tattoos and see if you don’t start to tear up!

1. Ever see the semi colon tattoo? This is what it means.


2. The last note from her mom.



3. A message from her father.


4. His dad is always with him.


5. Written by his dad in his yearbook.


6. Remembering a best friend.


7. A new beginning.



8. A family trait passed down.


9. She shared her struggle.


10. In memory.


11. A tattoo to remember is young daughter.

Do you have any special tattoos? Share the story behind them in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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