15 Hilarious People Who Really Know What It Means To “Turn Up”

When one says to turn up, the correct response is, of course, for what?

Oh, wait, no. Excuse me. That is what to say when one says to turn down, as popularized by DJ Snake and Lil John in the hip-hop party classic, “Turn Down For What?” But, in order to question someone’s motives for turning down, it is necessary to know that it means to “turn up.”

“Turn up” does not actually mean just showing up somewhere, as I mistakenly thought the first few times that I heard the phrase. No, according to Urban Dictionary, it means “Getting loose [and] being wild…not to be confused with the vegetable, the turnip, to which it shares some phonic similarities but is otherwise entirely unrelated.”

Okay. “Getting loose and being wild.” Great, now we know that. Some people, however, don’t really seem to get that–or, perhaps, they are the ones who are right, and we have been wrong all along. Check it out:

1. TURN UP for…the most literal of interpretations. We’ve all been there:



2. TURN UP for…food:



3. TURN UP FOR…making slightly more than minimum wage:


4. TURN UP FOR…the ultimate American folk rock duo:


5. TURN UP FOR…your sixth birthday party:

6. TURN UP FOR…Pope Francis to stop by:


7. TURN UP FOR…what is obviously the event of the year:


8. TURN UP FOR…life alert:



9. TURN UP FOR…some serious preschool pettiness:


10. TURN UP FOR…this is my own private dance party, don’t interrupt me please:


11. TURN UP FOR…another funeral. Funerals are bangers now, apparently?


12. TURN UP FOR…when you have that one dance that makes everyone want you:


13. TURN UP FOR…kids trying to go viral by filming their parents parroting teen slang:


14. TURN UP FOR…some sweet shades:


15. TURN UP FOR…the only activity worth doing on a Friday night, tbqh:


Personally, I’m with these people where they stand on turning up. What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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