7 Reasons You Actually Shouldn’t Shave Your Pubes

In terms of body hair, I used to be a staunch waxer down there for a long time. Initially starting as a vacation-bound bikini wax, it turned into a routine I kept up through fall and winter, removing more and more hair as the year went on. Once I reached full Brazilian, I came up with these weird justifications to keep my vag totally bare:

“Pubic hair is dirty anyway, I feel so much cleaner, especially when I have my period.”
“Most guys don’t really like pubic hair – how else am I ever gonna get anyone to sleep with me?”
“I can actually see what’s going on down there!”
“I’m not a hippie, I’m a modern, independent woman – of COURSE I don’t have pubic hair.”

Cut to what Oprah calls an “A-ha moment” at a theatre performance wherein I saw three naked women, all with pubic hair.

“Oh. My. God. When was the last time I even saw a naked woman who wasn’t me or in a porn?”
“I bet more girls have pubic hair than I thought.”
“Dudes sleep with these women. They’re talking about it. In front of me. While having pubic hair!”
“And that’s $60/wax once a month and I’ve been doing this for how many years…? NO! NO! NO!”

Pubic hair is a highly stigmatized, gendered, and politicized entity in itself. Whatever decision you make about what makes you feel confident and awesome down there – great! Rock on! Just make sure that you’re making that decision for you and not solely based on what your partner wants or what society deems as attractive or desirable. Personally, I have decided to keep a modest amount of pubic hair and I honestly prefer it to the completely bald version I had before. That said, here are 7 reasons you actually shouldn’t shave your pubes:

Which of these do you disagree with? Do you shave down there? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.


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