23 #MasculinitySoFragile Tweets That Will Change The Way You Look At Guys

Here at Gurl, we talk a lot about BS gender norms that hurt girls and women. You know, judging our worth based on what we wear or how many folks we’ve hooked up with, expecting us to be docile, demanding that we remove any and all body hair that is deemed unladylike…you know, that kind of garbage. But men are also expected to stick to rigid rules and regulations in the name of masculinity: Being super dominating, avoiding vulnerability, suppressing emotions that are seen as weak. Honestly, these unrealistic expectations hurt all of us. But while it’s pretty common for women to accept the fact that compulsory femininity can be a pain in the ass, it seems like many men are reluctant to admit that masculinity can be toxic af.

Why? Because…admitting that aspects of masculinity are oppressive and effed up isn’t very masculine. To some, that kind of observation is weak, whiney, and every other negative trait that’s usually assigned to femininity. Hmmm, funny how that works.

The lengths that cis-gender straight men will go to seem super manly would be funny if they weren’t so sad. Toxic masculinity leads dudes to freak out when a woman won’t accept their advances, it tells boys not to cry, and it makes sure that a dude can’t compliment another dude without adding “no homo.” WTF? For a deeper look at just how effed up masculinity can be, check out these 23 killer tweets.


1. [Insert basic product that everyone uses and enjoys] FOR MEN


2. This is just…next level ridiculous.


Oh, and in case you were wondering what this was a reply to:

mech of justice mechofjusticewz masculinitysofragile tweet


3. Never settle for a dude who can’t handle holding a damn purse for a few minutes. 


4. How dare a woman not be interested in dudes?


5.Proven by all of the pissed off dudes in the hashtag.


6. “Boys don’t cry” is a BS concept that encourages dudes to be emotionless robots. NAGL.


7. Why is this even still a thing?


8. Apparently “real men” don’t enthusiastically support their partners.


9. *Side eyes Drake.*


10. T R U T H.


11. PLEASE TELL ME THAT THIS IS AN EXAGGERATION. Unfortunately, I can see it being true, though.


12. And whether we reject nicely or harshly, we’re still susceptible to being hurt or killed anyway.


13. Good question.


14. WTF?


Dalai Lama sexist female successor

15. If I could insert multiple fire emojis here, I would.


16. Holler if this has happened to you before.


17. Some dudes are really invested in being able to abuse women in the name of equality.


18. Important reminder, just in case you think that toxic masculinity only hurts women:


19. Yikes…


20. Even fitness is gendered. GREAT.


21. Enough said.


22. Unreal… a little boy can’t even watch a show about a girl without his masculinity being challenged.




Which of these tweets resonated with you the most? What other awful things are done to prove someone’s masculinity? Tell us in the comments!

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