18 Reasons Texting Is The Most Difficult Form Of Communication

One of the big stressors in my life is texting. I get overwhelmed when people text me while I’m unavailable – THEN THEY GET MAD WHEN I DON’T RESPOND. Technology has made everything move at such a fast pace that people have super high expectations for texting back. To those people I say, “Some of us are too busy living life to drop everything and respond as soon as you text!” Sorry not sorry.

Also, it is much harder to convey your feelings via text vs. a real-life conversation. Things you say can be easily misconstrued or taken the wrong way. Plus, when you talk in person, everything you say is not written down for posterity. No one can screenshot what you said and show their best friends. People can’t pull up your text a year from now and use what you said against you. I’m telling you, it’s all just too complicated.

While texting might seem like the most efficient form of communication, I’m going to argue that it’s not. Here are 18 reasons texting is actually the most difficult form of communication:

1. First, let’s state the obvious:


2. It’s hard to discuss serious things when texting.


3. People can be very passive aggressive texters.


4. Sometimes someone’s texting style is really annoying.



5. The texting abbreviations are too hard to keep up with.



6. People get mad if you don’t text back right away…



7. So you have to give an excuse as to why you didn’t respond.


8. Sometimes you just forget to text someone back and then you look like a jerk.


9. It’s always scary getting the “we need to talk” text.


10. Those three little dots can cause a lot of anxiety.



11. Sometimes you’re about to send someone a text and then they say something that changes everything and you have to start all over again.


12. There is no panic like not getting a response to a risky text.


13. You have NO IDEA how the person is going to respond until they actually do.
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14. There’s no way to recall text messages even though it’s 2015.


15. You feel a lot of pressure to say the right thing.


16. When someone won’t stop texting you, you have to figure out the best way to make them stop without hurting their feelings.



17. You can spend 90 percent of your day resisting the urge to text someone you like.


18. Picking out the right emoji is stressful.

Why do you think texting is a complicated form of communication? What’s the most annoying part? Let us know in the comments below!

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