19 Tweets That Perfectly Explain Why Fall Is The Best Season Ever

Good news, autumn lovers: September 23, which is only a few days away, is the official first day of fall! You know what that means… comfy sweaters, bonfires, and pumpkin EVERYTHING (Seriously, we’re going to have pumpkins coming out of our butts for the next three months, and we’re okay with it). The bikinis are going back into the closet as we embrace the concept of layered clothing. Time to get cuddly!

If you don’t like fall, something might be wrong with you. Seriously. Light a cranberry candle, paint your nails a dark color, slip on a scarf, and see if you don’t feel 100 times better, if not totally basic. The fall season is basically a warm hug for your soul. I don’t know about you, but I could use a good hug right about now!

To celebrate the beginning of one of the best seasons ever, here are 19 tweets that perfectly sum up our excitement about fall. These will get you in the mood for everything October has to offer.

1. As if everything else wasn’t good enough, the bugs are going back where they belong!


2. Your reaction to people who say they’re not into fall:


3. When you’re sad about summer ending, but you like fall better anyway.


4. When your fall wardrobe is so good you can’t wait any longer to wear it.


5. It’s is ALL about the plaid…


6. And burgundy.


7. When you can’t wait for fall sports to begin.


8. If you live in a warmer climate, you may have to “pretend” that it’s fall.




10. There are so many fun holidays to look forward to!


11. When you don’t want to admit this is true but it’s totally true.


12. When you’re obsessed with pumpkins and it’s becoming a problem.


13. When you remember candy corn will now be everywhere.


14. There are a lot of reasons to love fall…


15. Including fall activities…


16. And football!


17. It’s all about the fall decorations.


18. Fall even smells good.


19. That moment that nature becomes inspiring.

What’s your favorite part of fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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