20 Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About Having Strict Parents

When I was, say, seven years old, I would have quite readily agreed to give up my younger sister for adoption if it meant that I could watch an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

This wasn’t because I didn’t like my sister–it was just that my parents were pretty strict and, as a result, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV. We didn’t have cable, either, so even if I could have watched TV, it would have been, like, PBS. I hated this. I wanted to understand the “pineapple under the sea” jokes that my classmates were making. I wanted to be a part of that world (am I mixing up my Ariel and my Spongebob here? I WOULDN’T KNOW.)

So, you heard it here first, folks: strict parents make young children yearn to give away their younger siblings just so they can watch a nonsensical (albeit highly influential) TV show. While I definitely understand my parents motives a lot more now than I did back then, I definitely know the struggle. Here are 16 tweets that also understand what it’s really like when you have strict parents:

1. When they won’t take just your word for anything:


2. When you have to choose between being a good friend and following your parents’ rules:


3. When they continue to control your behavior even after you move out:


4. When your parents are so strict they make you strict. Towards yourself:


5. When your friends should have freaking caught on by now, honestly:


6. When you see other people doing stuff that is NOT EVEN A SLIGHT POSSIBILITY FOR YOU:


7. When this is, like, way too real for you:


8. When you don’t even know what to do when you ARE allowed to do something:


9. When you’ve been taught not to question things. Ever:


10. When your parents don’t even know how much they’re hampering your #SquadGoals:


11. When you realize that having strict parents actually just made you really good at deceiving people:


12. When you finally realize the trifecta of blessings that strict parents bestow upon you:


13. When you get in trouble breaking rules you didn’t know existed:


14. When you literally cannot even conceive of what a world where you don’t have to ask permission for things would be like:


15. When your parents think that literally everything bad that ever happens to you can be blamed on your phone:


16. When you don’t understand why other people think you can just talk back to your parents and also stay alive:


17. When the “this could be us but you playin’ meme takes on an unfortunate new meaning for you:




19. When the rules never.stop.changing:


20. When a mere picture of Squidward says more about your social life than any words ever could:

Do you have strict parents? Do these tweets get what it’s like? Let us know in the comments below!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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