Try To Get Through The Worst Sexting Disasters You Could Ever Imagine

‘Twere it up to me–“it” being the general state of life and being in the universe–there are a few things I’d do: Marry Harry Styles, first of all, and make a decree for “Candy” by Mandy Moore to be the national–nay, the world’s–anthem. Then, obviously, I’d ban sexting. Forever.

It’s not for the annoying, slut-shamey reasons you’d think–it’s just that I think that “sexy texting” is actually the least sexy thing ever. Even in the most, uh, successful of sexting situations, one gets the sense that neither parties are particularly into it, and are instead just going along with the motions because, sure, why not? So you take a little dick pic, wearily type out a “what would you be doing if I was there, tho ;)” text, and hope for the best. 


It’s odd, though, how blasé most people are when it comes to sexting when you stop to consider all of the ways sexting can go wrong, say, with a simple, accidental “reply all.” But don’t worry–you get to live out all of these mistakes in this delightful game of would you rather, in which you have to choose between the absolute worst sexting disasters. Play it if you dare!



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Are you totally scared of sexting now? What was the hardest question for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Does Sexting Make You A Slut?

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