11 Reasons Why Harry And Hermione Actually Should Have Ended Up Together

Fanfiction–it’s not just for the fans anymore!

No, the time has come for those who inspired the fanfiction to get in on the game. In this particular instance, I am referring to J.K. Rowling, who has been divulging further developments in the Harry Potter series with wild and reckless abandon on her Twitter page lately.

This, of course, leads to a lot of discussion (at least in the circles that I hang out with) as to whether or not the final pairings of the books and movies were really final, particularly the one between Ron and Hermione. Personally, I am Team Hermione Is Better Than Everyone And Thus No One Actually Deserves Her (or, POTENTIALLY, Team Hermione/Viktor Krum, for reasons I will divulge only in my 1,000 page-long dissertation on the subject)–but, if I had to pick between Ron and Harry, Harry always comes out the clear winner. Or, rather, the “chosen one.” If you will. Here’s why:

1. Queen J.K. Rowling HERSELF said that she regrets pairing Hermione and Ron together.


I mean, this should be reason enough. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, she said, “”I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. That’s how it was conceived, really. For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it.”

2. On that note, Ron is…not great.


Boyfriend material, that is. He’s immature and consistently relies on strong women to do everything in his life, like cooking (Mrs. Weasley) his homework (Hermione) and learning how to snog (Lavender “LavLav” Brown).

3.  Hermione stayed with Harry when he went though his camping phase.

Via georgiapreach.com

Via georgiapreach.com

And by “camping” I actually mean “Horcrux search.” But, either way–true love.

4. Harry isn’t a jealous rage monster like Ron.


Let’s compare how these two boys handle rejection. In The Goblet of Fire, when Harry asks his longtime crush, Cho Chang, to the Yule Ball, she reveals that she is already going with Cedric Diggory. Harry’s jealous, sure, but he gets over it. (And eventually dates Cho when Cedric, uh, dies.) When Ron finds out that Hermione is going with Viktor Krum, he literally smashes his little figurine of him, and then hides it under his pillow. K.

5. Ron’s self-doubts are potentially abusive, actually.


Like, unless Ron worked out these insecurity issues in Wizard Therapy, there’s a good chance that he would have continued to be jealous of Hermione. Being in a relationship with someone who resents you for your accomplishments does not a healthy relationship make.

6. Hermione is never jealous of Harry, either.


Harry, as the “Chosen One,” gets a bunch of perks when he finally arrives in the Wizarding World. These perks come at an agonizing cost, obviously–like the loss of his parents and being responsible for killing Lord Voldemort–but does Ron see that? Nope. He only sees the attention and money that Harry has and lets his jealousy consume him. Hermione, on the other hand, does not do this.

7. Both Harry and Hermione understand what it’s like to come from a Muggle background.


Obviously, it’s not that you can’t have a successful and fulfilling relationship with someone from a different background than you. It’s more that Ron literally understands nothing about Muggles and also seems to have no desire to expand this knowledge–like, you would think he would at least learned who Cinderella is by the age of seventeen if was at all interested in Muggle culture. But no! He does not, and one suspects that he never will make a true effort to learn more about Muggles.

8. Their relationship is NOT like a Taylor Swift song–and that’s a good thing.


They don’t fight and pound their fists on each other’s chests and kiss in the rain. Couples like this–like Ron and Hermione, who fight for basically the entire series–don’t really have sticking power. Rather, Harry and Hermione’s relationship is sturdy. This is good for the long-term.

9. Hermione>Ginny.


It’s not that Ginny is bad, necessarily, it’s just that she never really feels fleshed out. In the books, she’s a classic “Cool Girl” character (playing Quidditch, drinking butterbeer, just genrally bro-ing out), while in the movies, she’s a washed-out, barely developed shadow. Either way, Hermione comes out on top.

10. Ron is the guy that you settle for.


(I didn’t mean for this to turn into a “drag all Weasleys” post, but that’s what happened so I’m just going with it.) But, like, of all the guys in the world, Ron is just kinda…meh. He’s a mediocre student, a mediocre Keeper of the Hogwarts Quidditch team (and only got the position because his best friend is the captain), and, overall, a pretty mediocre guy. Like, he’s not the WORST person to end up with. He’s also just not the best. And Hermione is the best.

11. THAT dancing scene.

Okay, whatever, this is from the movie. But, like, just watch it. It’ll melt the hearts of even the most ardent Ronmione shippers.

So, am I crazy? Is Roonil Wazlib ~totes~ the one for Hermione? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Times Harry Potter And Ginny Weasley Were The Worst Couple Ever

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  • (-¦░Xenon░¦-)

    I’m rewatcing the movies and I again see that it’s the biggest mistake in fantasy literature not letting Harry get Hermione. It would have been such a wonderful power couple, a beautiful marriage with super-wizard kids, lol.
    Hard to believe that Ron the whin bab-boy got Herm, she is a higher class babe.
    I believe that Rowling wanted us to be disappointed by this doubtful ending, it’s a huge mistake!
    Also, she could have chosen another animal for Hufflep., a dear, a bear or even a bee, instead of a stupid badger, lol.

  • Ivan

    harry potter and Hermionie shipper since the series began

  • Zanitaroma

    I still prefer Ron and Hermione. Everything has its ups and downs, you can’t deny that. And Hermione and Ron had those moments. In the process, they came to understand and discover each other, eventually resulting in a marriage. Well Harry and Hermione aren’t all bad, but they both practically experienced the same things, like muggle childhood, being called names, and etc. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but when you hv too much in common, you can’t mend others weaknesses. Hermione and Ron are well, not perfect, but excellent. Also, that dance scene was really heart melting, but if you’ve been with someone no matter what gender for 7 years as besties, and shared secrets and both experienced heartaches at the same time, and comforted each other, well, you would be happy to have a dance with him/her too, especially when you’re down and you need your friends support.
    All these are just my opinion, so NO HATE COMMENTS PLEASE.

  • Suki Nokoe

    Damn….you’re so right! It’s too bad it didn’t happen. D: (I also
    really like the thought of LunaxHarry too…it’s just cute. X3) Don’t
    like GinnyxHarry at all. lol

    Oh but here’s two more points;

    * RON IS ALWAYS MAKING HER CRY. Ever notice that? He was the first one to make her cry in the first book, he made her cry at the school dance, he made her cry when he let Lavender make out with him, he made her cry when he left during the whole Horcrux subplot….like he’s constantly making her unhappy…and Harry probably hasn’t made her unhappy ONCE in the whole series (within his control)

    * Lavender. Just….Lavender. Hermione has shown interest in Ron several times, made it bloody obvious she wanted to go with him to the Christmas party and he just makes out with another girl in FRONT of her SEVERAL times….like are you kidding me!? Jerk.

    • rebeca agoiz

      I agree! Ron and Hermione make a terrible couple. In real life, I totally see them having this high school romance, but then Hermione would go on to a Ivy League University, and Ron would go to community college. She would have a very succesful career and would end up with a man that could both, challenge her intelectually and support her emotionally. Sometimes, she would look back with fondness to the memory of Ron Weasley and would remember him as the first boy she ever loved.

  • Enigma

    Should have been Harry and Hermione from the get-go. Rowling messed up big time, i think it would have made the series much more complete, i mean, she’s always there for him, how could it not be her is beyond me, and i’m not even a romance/shipping fanatic

  • Carol Rodrigues

    oh my God, thank you so much for putting in words everything i feel about ron and hermione together
    he is just no good for her. i will never understand why do harry potter fandom like this guy so much.
    and you’re probably the only person with EXACTLY the same opinion as mine:
    1. hermione is too good for this world boys
    2. but maybe viktor krum
    3. well, between harry and ron, better harry.

    • Kory Hesse

      Everyone has there ups and downs but hermione chose Ron not Harry or krum

  • Jane

    I know,Right?
    Hermione And Harry are PERFECT!

  • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

    Even if Harry were a better fit for Hermione than Ron were, it still doesn’t change anything, because Harry canonically belongs with Ginny, not Hermione.

    • Jeremiah Kidd

      No one ever said Canon was always right.

      • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

        Actually, it is, especially with regard to this. In fanfiction, maybe Harry belongs with Hermione or Luna or whoever you choose to write, but the original story is clear.

        Harry/Ginny isn’t right because it’s canon, it’s canon because it’s right.

        • Jeremiah Kidd

          No, just because it’s written as such means fuck all. No one has to agree with it. Just because the author wants it as such, doesn’t make it in any way, shape or form fucking right. It’s merely the author’s fucking desire. Harry and Ginny is stupid, you won’t convince me otherwise. “It’s canon because it’s right” get the fuck outta here.

          • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

            The burden of proof is on you to explain why Harry/Ginny is stupid. It is what happened, so it’s up to you to explain why they shouldn’t have ended together. Until then, my statement that “Harry/Ginny is canon because it’s right” still stands.

            Oh, and you sound just as dumb as the 9/11 truthers when you say that you will “deny the canon to the bitter end”. Or are you one of them too?

          • Jeremiah Kidd

            It’s as simple as the two of them should not have ended up together, there was little, if any chemistry between them. What was there was forced for lack of a better term. It is what happened, but no, you’re fucking stupid if you think that makes it right. What we both have, are opinions, nothing more, nothing less. What you seem to not understand is that, just because you accept Canon, that does not, at all, make it the way things should’ve happened. That’s your opinion. Your statement is not valid because it’s an opinion you dumbass.

            Please explain further. “9/11 truther”? What the fuck does that even mean? Also I love that you took a simple statement that was quite obviously meant for this one specific instance and blew it way the fuck out of proportion in an attempt to make yourself seem more right. To boost your ego maybe? Make your dick feel larger? Whatever the reason, the second paragraph has no foothold on the conversation as there is little relation save for the second use of my wording choice. Please try to stay on topic.

          • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

            Yeah, I thought I had to modify my message because it looked like it wasn’t coming through, that’s why you got 5 replies. I tried that on another site where Disqus comments were enabled and it worked there.

            Your statement is only valid if you by the films. They definitely did not have any chemistry there whatsoever, I’m full on board with you on that. But the films are not canon, the books are.

            No, you are the one with the opinions. I am the one with the facts. I am defending what happened, I’m not inserting any of my personal opinions. I said you were like a 9/11 truther because that’s exactly what 9/11 truthers do. This is very much on topic, considering that you were already using that phrasing to say in another thread that “canon isn’t right”, which is exactly what you are doing here.

            There’s a very specific reason why the burden of proof is on you and not on me (and no, that doesn’t make me an “elitist”): Harry/Ginny is what happened in the books. It’s a fact. I can only defend the pairing once you submit to me an argument for why they shouldn’t be together (and so far, you still haven’t given me anything that could be any kind of argument).

          • Jeremiah Kidd

            Saying the films aren’t canon is stupidly ignorant on your part. They tell basically the same story but in a condensed version because of time constraint. Both are canon.

            You are the one that has a story written the way it was on your side. As far as what is there, sure you have that. That does not in any way, shape, or form make it right. You cannot seem to grasp the concept of that phrase because you are too blinded by what has happened to accept another way. Also please don’t put words in my mouth. I never said “Canon isn’t right” I said, to paraphrase, “that doesn’t make canon right” not the same. So no, I don’t see how it’s on topic at all.

            The argument is: What J.K. Rowling typed up is what happened. Sure. That doesn’t mean she was right in her decision. Everything can quite literally be explained as “It is as is because it is how it was written.” That does no make it, or you, right.

            I’m still waiting for you to tell me why it’s right. Yes it still falls upon you to explain that to me, which you have currently failed to do.

          • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

            No, the films are not canon. They may be a version of the canon, but they are not canon. The movies are not the original source; the books are. You trying to place an equivalence between the books and the films is precisely why you’ve been wrong about this from the beginning.

            Again, I never said that it is right because it is canon. I said that it’s canon precisely because it’s right. You still fail to grasp the difference between those two statements. It is because of the inherent rightness of the pairing that it became canon.

            It doesn’t fall upon me to explain it. It is clear from the books that they are happily married. You, as a critic of the pairing, have to provide arguments. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim, which is what you are doing. So I’m still waiting.

            You have not provided a single argument against Harry/Ginny, you’ve just been saying that it’s stupid. I ask again: why?

          • Jeremiah Kidd

            Might I also point out that you are an extremely repetitive person. Making Five different replies where they more or less say the same thing? Bit overkill since I receive the notification for all of them regardless.

      • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

        It is, especially with regard to this. In fanfiction, maybe Harry belongs with Hermione or Luna or whoever you choose to write, but the original story is clear.

        Harry/Ginny isn’t right because it’s canon, it’s canon because it’s right.

  • bffewylion

    I read that the canon relationships in the book (Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione) are better fleshed out. Having only watched the movies though, I saw so much more chemistry and tender moments between Harry and Hermione.

  • Anthony Stargaryen

    I like your points, however I do not agree with point 4. Harry was very jealous when Ginny dated Dean (chest-monster, anyone?), even to the point that his chest-monster agreed when Ron (nearly) called Ginny a slut. Well, one could use that as an argument that Harry x Ginny is all wrong.
    But I have another point for you. Harry is someone who, despite being the Chosen One who has the Power-The-Dark-One-Knows-Not shows surprisingly very little love. He can’t give compassion to Cho who still hasn’t gotten over Cedric’s death. He forgets that Ginny was also possessed by Voldemort, even though because of that, he himself was nearly killed by basilisk poison. He doesn’t like to talk with his friends because he thinks they don’t understand. Harry is very much an oyster. But there’s one moment when he is overcome with grief, to the point he can’t function anymore. Remember what moment that is? Indeed, it’s when Dolohov had struck Hermione with his curse and Harry thought she was dead. If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.

    • Tom Simon

      And what about this time in GOF when Ron left Harry and Harry missed him much more than he did Hermione?

      What about that moment in Deathly Hallows were he was determined to finish Voldemort but lunged for Bellatrix the moment she almost hit Ginny with a Killing Curse?

      He put her safety above defeating Voldemort however as briefly.

      As for your argument. Yes, that is love – just like it was love that lead Lily to sacrifice herself. Love is not always romantic. I’m sure If one of your friends were almost killed because of you, you would get catatonic about it.

      Except Harry didn’t. He got scared? Yes. But the moment he got anykind of advantage over Dolohov, he struck the man down. He was waiting for a chance – far from the “he can’t function anymore” you is trying to paint.

      Way to exagerate, huh?

      Now you know when he got catatonic?

      “‘I have nothing more to say to you, Potter,’ he said quietly. ‘You have irked me too often, for too long. AVADA KEDAVRA!’

      Harry had not even opened his mouth to resist; his mind was blank, his wand pointing uselessly at the floor.”

      After Sirius died. And he wasn’t even in ‘love’ the way you pretend Harry was with Hermione.

      That goes to show you don’t need to be in love romantically to have this kind of reaction.

      Yes, Harry loves Hermione – as a friend and sister.

      • Jeremiah Kidd

        It can easily be summed as “Rowling already knew what she wanted at the time and made it as such.” Just because what we saw in the movies or read in the books is the way it is, does not in anyway mean that it is the right way.

        Literally every point can be easily justified as “this is the way we know it, therefor it is what has been accepted as truth” when people, such as myself, will deny the canon to the bitter end.

        Again, just because what we saw happen happen, does not make it the right thing that should’ve happened.

  • Chantelle

    I prefer the cannon of Ron and Hermione. Only stating all the bad things Ron did ignores both what Ron did right and all the bad stuff Harry and Hermione did in the series. Remember it was Hermione who confunded Cormac McLaggen to ensure that Ron got the spot on Quidditch team in the 6th book. Not that she mentioned that she had a crush on Ron the 6th book either, leaving both of them very unhappy when they couldn’t just admit their feelings to each other. Hermione was also a bit unkind to Luna in the 5th book. Harry has a habit of running into trouble and isolating himself when he needs help.

  • disqus_o6Gx4GsYY3

    Hermione and Harry were like siblings. A romantic relationship wouldn’t work for them: he needed a fun, easy relationship. One that with time will become something more, but at the start, kept his head away from the horrocruxes. Also, Harry spent many occasions bored with what Hermione said -even Ron paid more attention.
    They were teenagers. I am pretty sure they had many bumps (in a fiction world, of course) and discussions with their respective pairings, perhaps even asking “what if?” But those questions and doubts had more to do with the fact that they settled for someone at young age. If Harry and Hermione did ended together at the end of the war, they wouldn’t have worked. Ginny was the fresh air he desperately needed. Probably, after some time, they relationship and feelings became stronger and that’s why they ended getting married.
    Also, the best friends relationships doesn’t really work. They excitement is way gone before it begins.

    • I think Ron and Hermione are the ones who were like siblings. They bicker like they’re brother and sister throughout the entire series, he constantly hurts her feelings, and they are total opposites. Ron was more bored with what Hermione said than Harry was and he doesn’t share her thirst for knowledge. Ron even has trust issues when it comes to Hermione being around other guys and doesn’t think before he acts. This relationship is unrealistic and unhealthy to the point where it could potentially lead to domestic abuse. Another couple who are like siblings is Harry and Ginny because he has visited the Weasley family his whole life, they’ve become like a surrogate family to him which makes Ginny like a sister to him. Plus, this relationship is all one-sided because while Ginny had a huge crush on Harry, he didn’t pay any attention to her until the 6th book/film and even by then, it still didn’t make any sense. I’m glad that JK Rowling admitted to making a mistake in pairing up these 2 couples because even she knows that Harry and Hermione are better suited together as a couple.

      • Laura Ashley

        I agree that in every way Harry and Ginny seem more like siblings has do Ron and Hermione. I cannot ever accept these two couples, they seem ridiculous and forced. Even worse are the movies where the couples seem uncomfortable with each other. Hermione is beautiful and smart and should be with the hero of the series that understands what it’s like to grow up in a muggle family in the wizarding world. Ron is a bumbler and should be with Luna. Neville Longbottom should be with Ginny, the first guy to appreciate her for herself.

        • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

          You are full of shit.