7 Things You Have To Know About Anxiety Medication

Life is tough, and sometimes, you’re not able to deal with things on your own – you need a little help. If you struggle with crippling anxiety, there’s nothing wrong with taking a prescription to help you get through it (as long as it’s prescribed by a doctor, of course. Don’t self-diagnose!). You do you, girl! Unfortunately, there is still a stigma against mental illness in today’s society. People who don’t understand anxiety disorders may judge you for needing medication which may cause you to be hesitant about getting help. If you’re at the end of your rope and anti-anxiety meds helps you get through another day, you can’t worry about what other people think.

I’ve been taking Zoloft for a few years now, and it helps me immensely. Before taking the meds, I would be so crippled with social anxiety that I couldn’t go out and meet new people – I thought everyone was judging me all the time. I was in therapy and doing yoga regularly, but I still couldn’t seem to get control over my brain. The medication helped me when I felt I wasn’t strong enough to keep going. Now I rarely suffer from those worried thought patterns.

If you’re currently on anti-anxiety medication or thinking about starting, here are some things you should know!

Have you taken anxiety medication? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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