7 Easy Ways To Make An Unoriginal Halloween Costume Unique

It’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume, which is fun, but also a source of stress. I mean, how many of us think of fun costume ideas but quickly reject them because they’re not unique or interesting enough? Witch? Eh. Cheerleader? Boring. Mime? Yawn. Spice Girl? Hey, didn’t you do that, like, three years ago?

Sure, all of these costumes can yield some really awesome results and compliments, but how many other people are going to be dressed up as the same thing? I know I definitely saw at least two Cleopatras at a party I went to last year. Meanwhile, you’ll watch everyone fawn over somebody else’s much more unique idea that you wish you thought of first.

Listen, if you’re in love with an unoriginal Halloween costume idea, you don’t have to reject it just because it’s cliche af. Just… spice it up a little. If you need a push, here are seven easy ways to make your boring Halloween costume more unique. Good luck!

Just Add Blood

Whether you want to give your not-so-original costume a twist or you're not feeling enthusiastic about your costume, no fear: When in doubt, just add blood. You can dress up as a ballerina, a flapper, the Monopoly dude, whatever...if you throw some blood on it, you've instantly added a very sinister--and Halloween appropriate--twist.

This is also a great idea if you want to keep your idea simple. I mean, think of how creepy you'll look if you just show up to a Halloween party wearing a dress covered in blood.

Blood: Always a safe option.


Transport Your Costume Idea To A Bygone Era

This is so fun to do. For example, check out this '50s rockabilly themed Frankenstein's Monster and Bride of Frankenstein couples costume! If you're really into the clothes of a certain era, this could be a really fun way to make your costume a lot more unique. You can play around with hair, clothing, and makeup a lot more if you're dressing up as, say, a pin up alien or a super '90s Jasmine from Aladdin, than as just a plain ol' alien or done-to-death Jasmine.


Or, Modernize Your Costume Idea

Whether we're talking your favorite historical figure or your favorite Disney Princess, it can be pretty fun to dress up as those folks in modern garb. For example, check out modern day Snow White here.

By the way, this is also an easy alternative for those of you who don't really want to work on a super elaborate Halloween costume. You could very easily just grab some items from your closet and make it work.


Turn An Incredibly Unsexy Idea Into A Ridiculously Sexy One

You probably already know of all the unnecessarily sexy Halloween costumes that you can actually buy, right? Why not poke fun at the absurd--and totally sexist--trend by dressing up as incredibly unsexy things...with a sexy twist. You know, like a sexy ghost, a sexy tampon, a sexy plastic bag, a sexy piece of poop. You'll get some serious laughs and provide some serious social commentary at the same time. Whoop!


Genderbend It

Many--hell, some would argue all--aspects of gender are largely performative. By that I mean, your sex doesn't determine that you'll play with dolls or wear evening dresses; our society's gender norms do that. So you should know by now that you shouldn't feel restricted by gender norms in your everyday life, and you shouldn't on Halloween either! So no matter what gender you identify with, why not give an extra IDGAF to gender norms by dressing up as characters of different genders?

This photo is a great example: This woman is rocking her Han Solo costume while her partner is happily dressed up as Leia. There's no rule that says that you have to dress up as people who share your gender, so have at it and have fun.


Zombify Your Costume

Uh, so people are really into zombies. Plus, more than any other mythical horror creature, zombies probably get the most play in Halloween costume remixes. Zombie girl scouts, zombie prom queens, zombie investment bankers, zombie cheerleaders, zombie politicians...the list goes on and on, y'all. So if you feel like your costume is super basic, just wear as much animate corpse makeup as possible. Trust me, your outfit will get some major props.


Go As Yourself...With Some Snark

Ugh, okay, if you must be one of those people who doesn't dress up for Halloween, at least don't say that you're dressed up as yourself. Get snarky with it. You could be dressed up as "thottie," or " a Millennial," or "crippling self-doubt." You might get a laugh or something, as opposed to the eye roll you'll receive if you say that you're dressed up as yourself. Come on, girl, be creative!

Fresh Prince


What else can be done to make a cliche costume a little more original? Have you tried any of these methods before? Tell us in the comments!

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