WTF Are Thighbrows? 18 Reactions To This New Body Trend

The other day, I was innocently scrolling through the Internet, as I do, when I came across the phrase called “thighbrows.” I sat there for a minute in silence, and then out loud I said, “WTF are thighbrows?” Because, seriously Internet, WTF are thighbrows?

At first, I couldn’t help picturing eyebrows or body hair in possibly odd spots. My friend Ally asked, “Are thighbrows when the hair on your vagina grows so much that it appears on your inner thighs?” This, actually, made sense. Someone else asked, “Are thighbrows when your eyebrows are really far apart?” which didn’t make as much sense to me. So, I investigated, and I found out that thighbrows have nothing to do with body hair at all, but the way that your upper thigh area looks in certain positions.

First we had to deal with the absurd shaming that accompanied thigh gaps and hot dog legs, and now we have thighbrows to figure out? My heart can’t handle another ridiculous body trend.

Thighbrows, according to Elle, are: “a set of folds that frames the tops of thighs and separates leg from butt.” It is literally what happens in your upper thigh area when you kneel down on your legs. Thighbrows have been more visible this past summer because of the popularity of “frongs,” those bathing suits cut super high in the front that were spotted everywhere this year. Here’s the example that’s being used all over the Internet, and of course it involves the Kardashian-Jenners.

Made in KrisJenner™

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At first glance, thighbrows may not seem too body-shamey because basically everyone has them – until you realize that thighbrows are probably only seen as “attractive” when they’re spotted on a woman with toned legs, a small waist, big boobs, and a big butt. In other words, while thighbrows may seem like a step up from unrealistic thigh gap aspirations, they are still just another silly body standard that girls now feel like they have to live up to.

But maybe you’re really into this thighbrow trend and you want to know more – like how to get them yourself. I think it’s as simple as putting on a pair of underwear or high-cut bathing suit bottoms that show off the top of your thighs, then kneeling, and then taking a picture. Or if you don’t want to kneel, you can lay down and kind of pull your legs up like so:

Here’s the thing, though: please don’t get caught up in this new body trend. I want to say that literally anyone can “create” thighbrows simply by putting their legs in a certain position and making sure that area is visible. So, yeah, I guess it is a bit of a step up from the thigh gap, which you have absolutely no control over, but it’s still like… why? What’s the point of naming something that happens to everyone? And if for some reason they don’t happen to you, you have nothing to feel ashamed about. In reality, thighbrows mean nothing, and I bet the term will be played out by 2016.

In any case, let’s see how the Internet is reacting to this new trend on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram:

1. This is why thighbrows kind of suck: because they’ve always happened, but it wasn’t until famous women with “ideal” bodies had them that they became popular.


2. Then there are people who make this argument:


3. Look! Even dogs can join in.


4. And… yup. Pretty much nailed it.


5. Don’t speak too soon! I don’t think the world will ever run out of that material.


6. I know, right?


7. An honest mistake:


8. Be proud of your body no matter what!


9. Exactly.


10. This pretty much sums it up.

This can't be real!!! #thighbrowthursday #stopit #justwrong #thighbrow #eyebrowsarebetterthanthighbrows #browgameforeverstrong #tbt

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11. What? This isn’t correct?


A photo posted by @powerfitness_gympower on


12. Why is society this way?

It's times like this I want to give social media a big middle finger- emoji available tomorrow on iOS 9 folks

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13. Apparently, more than one person though thighbrows had to do with body hair.


14. This will be the next big body trend.


15. This weirdly makes sense.


16. Make it stop.


17. Thighbrows on fleek.

#thighbrows #thighbrow #thighbrowobsessed #wjss #ldc #silly #notathighbrow #unibrow

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18. And this, friends, is why thighbrows ARE actually body-shaming. Because of the people who think this way:

What do you think about thighbrows? Tell us in the comments!

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