The Surprising History Of Braces That You Totally Never Knew About

As a nine-year-old, when it seems like everybody has something, you want it too. That’s why I desperately wanted braces as a kid. They just seemed kind of cool to have. Some kids even had their bands changed to different colors depending on what holiday was coming up so they could match accordingly. So, from fourth grade through the early years of high school, it seemed like braces were just another adolescent rite of passage. You whine, you deal, you come out on the other side with frighteningly nice teeth, the end. Of course, my jealousy waned by the time I was a teenager and my dentist started to tell me that I could use some braces up in my mouth. So, I never wore braces, even though I probably should have.

Still, I’m fascinated by the place that braces have in teendom and pop culture. And that’s exactly what this post is about. From terrifying head gears to braces becoming a fashion trend (yeah, seriously), here’s the surprising history of braces that you definitely didn’t know about.

Do you have or did you have braces? What was the worst (or best) thing about them? Tell us in the comments! Tell us in the comments!

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