12 Times You Should Never, Ever Use Emojis

Emoji are modern-day hieroglyphs that help us communicate in ways that words cannot. By texting the emoji of the girl with the hand up by her head (originally made as a service desk helper), you’re saying, “I’m sassy so deal with it.” By texting the face with the straight across toothy smile, you’re saying, “I feel uncomfortable in so many ways.” And by texting the gigantic purple eggplant, you’re saying… well… you get the picture.

Emojis can also be confusing. They’re often interpreted by the reader in ways that that the sender didn’t intend. For example, your mom may think she’s sending you a hershey kiss, and you read it as a pile of poop. Oops! Emojis also have an air of informality about them that isn’t appropriate in professional situations. Learning how and when to use emojis is a skill that not everyone has mastered.

Here are some of the ways that people have used emojis that should not be repeated. You’ve been warned: never break up with someone via emoji!

1. When someone says “I love you”

2. When you’re trying too hard to be cool

3. When running for office and trying to relate to the younger generation

4. When trying too hard to be sexy

5. When you use the winking emoji in the wrong place

6. When trying to hook up with someone you just met

7. When proposing to someone

8. When breaking up with someone

9. During business communications

10. When you send emojis to the wrong person

11. When you’re mad at someone

12. And some people think that the gun emoji should be removed all-together!

Have you ever used an emoji in an inappropriate time? Let us know in the comments below!

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