Quiz: What Should You Actually Be For Halloween?

Theoretically, Halloween is a scary holiday. I mean, that’s basically, like, the whole point of it–to scare little kids and also give them lots of candy, so that they always have conflicting thoughts whenever they are confronted by a fun-sized Reese’s bar.

Lately, though, much of my Halloween anxiety has been stemming from the fact that I never know what the heck I should be (costume-wise, that is). Up until I was eleven, it was easy–I always chose to go as your standard green-faced witch or colonial-era ghost (I was very into specifics). But then,  I was struck by the affliction of self-awareness, which is something that I still suffer from today, actually. Because of this, I felt as though I couldn’t just be a witch or colonial-era ghost–I didn’t know the word for it, exactly, but I knew in my heart that both would be capital-B Basic. So, I panicked and chose to go as a carbohydrate–a costume, I reasoned, that would strike fear into the hearts of all of my health-conscious neighbors while also making them think that little Sara Hendricks from down the street was just so self-aware and pop-culture savvy.


Anyway. Long story short, I haven’t really recovered from that night, and, as a result, I still have no idea what I should be every year. This Halloween is no different. So, I made this quiz. Let’s all find out what we should be together!

Were you surprised by your result? What other costume ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below:

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