12 Perfect Responses To The “Bae Come Over” Meme That Will Make You LOL

Where were you when bae said to come over?

If you know what I’m talking about, you’re probably either racing over for some quality Netflix and chill time or running far, far away from me. This “bae, come over” meme (that one where bae says to come over, you say you can’t, and then bae is like “but I’m home alone;)”) is one of the few that can elicit such a disparity of reactions. Some people love it, others hate it, but it definitely always creates some sort of…action.

This action also applies within the meme itself–sometimes, when bae says to come over, you do it. Other times, you’re just not that into it. Check out the best reactions here:

1. When you’re in a full suit of armor but you still gotta go:

Hey–gotta use PROTECTION, right? Why are you leaving?

2. When you find the bae who will prance all the way to your home:

And into your heart.

3. When things get risky, one must always have an escape plan:


4. When you’re the girl who CAN do it all:

*sliding into ur dms*

5. When you’re George Washington but you’re still hip to the “bae come over” meme:


Ol’ GW totally Netflixes and chills.

6. When bae knows that your tastes are very…singular:


Very, very singular.

7. When whatever…this is happens:


See, if I were “bae” in this situation, I’d be like “Um, nevermind. Don’t come over.

8. When bae might be scamming you but you DGAF:


Erica’s a savage.

9. When you’re a camel who also has to be in charge of a family:


And really loves bottled water.

10. When the mood is just right to let bae know that it’s time:

Time to finally be alone, that is.

11. When bae wasn’t prepared for you to get so existential:


“Jeez, fine, DON’T come over then, Nietzsche.”

12. When, like, you would, but you also have priorities:

Pizza is infamous for being bae, after all.

How do you feel about the “bae, come over” meme? Are you more of a goat-on-back type of person, or a pizza-rolls-take-priority girl? Let us know in the comments below!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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