15 Things Short Girls Should Actually Never Do

I’ve written about being a short girl so many times that I feel like a broken record writing it again. But here we are, and I feel like I need to say it: I’m short. At barely 5 feet tall, I am shorter than most of my friends, co-workers, family members, and randos in my life. I’ve been called every short girl nickname in the book, and I’ve dealt with every struggle that has accompanied my height.

When I was younger, I was really insecure about being short. Some of the kids in my elementary and middle school would make fun of me for my height, and it really bothered me. I hated being told how tiny I was, I hated always being the little one in the front of the line, and I really hated that my secret dream of being a supermodel would never happen. That insecurity stayed with me for a while. But as high school progressed, I started accepting my height – in fact, I even started to enjoy it. By the time I was in college, I had embraced being petite, and it felt great.

This confidence doesn’t mean I haven’t heard some pretty negative things. I’m sick of all the short girl rules out there, and it makes me sad to read your emails asking how to be confident when you’re short. To all the short girls out there: I want you to be happy with your height! Or at least not be unhappy about it. So, that said, here are 15 things short girls should actually never do: 


1. Choose not to wear something you love because you think you’re not supposed to.


I’ve already written about the fashion rules short girls definitely don’t need to follow. You can wear whatever you want, no matter what magazine or website tells you is not flattering for your body type. I promise!


2. Reject a tall guy/girl because you think it will “look weird” if you’re a couple.

tall person

I get a lot of questions from you guys saying that you have a crush on a tall guy/girl, but you don’t want to pursue it because you think they’re too tall for you. I totally get what you’re saying – but there’s actually nothing wrong with a big height difference in a relationship. My cousin is my height, 5’0, and dates someone over 6 feet. Do they look a little funny? Sure, I guess, but they’re adorable and no one actually cares about their height.


3. Wear heels all the time even when they’re uncomfortable just to look taller.


I love a good pair of heels, but let’s be real – they’re so uncomfortable! Don’t feel like you always have to wear high heels just so that you can give yourself a height boost. You don’t – and that goes for fancy occasions too. You’re short, everyone knows it – why feel like you have to hide that?


4. Reject a short guy/girl because you think it will look weird.


Unfortunately, I know a lot of short girls who will reject a short dude because they’re afraid that people will make fun of them for being a short couple. Guys, this is ridiculous. First of all, people are super mean to short guys and that needs to stop. Second, who cares what height your partner is?!


5. Let everyone lean on your shoulders whenever they feel like it.


I mean, do it if you want, but personally I tell people when I don’t need their body weight on top of me.


6. Avoid flats because they’ll make you look shorter.


My mom always tells me not to wear flat shoes because they’re not doing my height any favors. And I love my mom, but I’m always like, “please stop.” I wear flats literally all the time and I don’t care.


7. Stand by tall girls and tell them how tall they are.

youretall gif

Do you like when people come up to you, pat your head, and exclaim over how tiny you are? I doubt it. So I’m sure you can understand that tall girls don’t like it when tiny little girls stand next to them, look up at their face, and exclaim over how tall they are.


8. Let everyone get away with calling you “cute” all the time.


Being called “cute” even when you don’t want to be is a hazard that comes along with being short. It sounds like a stupid problem, but it’s actually quite annoying. You can tell people to stop, you know.


9. Avoid the children’s section because you feel weird going in there even though you totally can.


In high school, I refused to buy stuff from the kid’s section because I was embarrassed. Now I’m like, whatever! I save money and clothes fit!


10. Buy clothes that you think will make you look taller.


Maybe some items will give the illusion of being taller, but that should never be your constant end goal.


11. Constantly ask everyone to reach everything for you.


Find creative ways to reach things off high shelves. Of course you can ask for help sometimes, but you also want to learn how to be independent!


12. Not take advantage of the fact that you probably look younger.

nicole richie

I know how annoying it is, but guys, I promise one day it will be good!


13. Just deal with clothes instead of getting them tailored.


If you’re short, you need a tailor. Most clothes aren’t made for petite people, so you end up looking like things don’t fit correctly. Bring them to an inexpensive tailor who will change EVERYTHING. Seriously. Your life will be different and happy and wonderful.


14. Care what anyone says about your height.


Please ignore them.


15. Feel super self-conscious and insecure about your height.


I know it can be hard to be short. But honestly, it does not mean ANYTHING bad about you. And I know this is a corny way to end this post, but I had to say it!


Which of these things do you disagree with? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Lapiz Cipher

    They will always tell u how short u are

  • teenage_writer

    OKAY so another thing I think is really important is to not constantly make jokes about how small you are. People will see it as permission to joke about your height and even take advantage of it. The occasional sarcastic comment is alright if you’re with close friends or family, but otherwise you should try to avoid making fun of your height.