7 Real Girls Dish On Their Super-Strict Moms

One of the weirdest things about becoming a teenager is how it can totally change the relationship you have with your mom.

You know? Like, when you’re twelve, everything is great. You’re both 100% comfortable with each other, and the only thing you fight about is whether or not you can stay up late on a school night to watch The Vampire Diaries. Then, when you turn thirteen, suddenly, everything is not great, and you’re fighting over everything from dating to clothes to school, and the whole time you’re wondering how the heck this even happened.

Lately, a lot of you have been talking on the boards about how much it can suck when you feel like your mom is being way too controlling and/or strict. The individual fights are pretty unique, but I think we can all understand the overall struggle. Check it out below:

MariaTia said:

My parents are suffocating me!! I am 17, so naturally I am at that stage where I am wanting more independence. My mum makes me text her whenever I go anywhere and when I'm leaving. If I stay at a friend's house she will make me ring her before I go to bed, or she will ring and if I don't answer she will ring my friend, her mum & dad and then their house phone because she thinks I have lied to her about where I've gone. I don't know why! I've never done anything to break her trust.

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Taebadass said:

My mom always wants to know where I am. It definitely gets on my nerves, but I always just try to think about how my parents just want to make sure I'm safe and sound.

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Sarina said:

My mom is so strict. My advice for dealing is to remember that this suffocation is most likely not permanent! Your mom is just realizing that you are growing up and are scared of letting you go too soon. Communication is the best thing here.

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Save_Westward said:

My mom is really controlling and mean and bitter all the time. I'm going away to college in 6 months and she wants me to stay at home and go to a college that's an hour drive away (the college I m going to is across the state). I don't want to do this but for the next 3 months I'm still a minor and I can't really object. Ugh.

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Kittyjinxx13 said:

My mum is driving me NUTS!!!! Nothing is good enough for her. Like if I clean my room she says, "You haven't done it up to my standards," or if I do something nice for her she then says, "It would be nicer if..." She's constantly on my back and I can't stand it. She says that I have to try harder when I try my absolute hardest.

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J. Confidence said:

I'm 14 and I'm going to be 15 soon. I have always loved makeup and I want to wear makeup when I turn 15, but my mom won't allow it. You would think that since my mom is one of the younger moms she would let me wear makeup, but that's not the case. I can't even bring up the subject of makeup around her.

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HLsg15 said:

My mom won't let me wear a bikini. I've asked her and tried to convince her, but she says that they are immodest. I'm almost 16 and I really am getting frustrated about this because I have a good body and wearing a tankini top and a swim skirt is embarrassing....

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