13 Times Rihanna Reacted Perfectly To That One Person In Your Friend Group That You Don’t Like

When one is a member of a squad, there are certain risks that go along with said squad-hood. Chief among them, I have always found, is the existence of that one person who everyone else is just fine with, but you absolutely cannot stand.

We all have that person, right? (Right?) The one whose mere existence causes you to cringe, but that everyone else thinks is just “great” and will, like, willingly text to hang out with when you’re all together and you’re just like why? It’s no fun, that’s for sure–but you can’t say how you really feel to them or to your other friends because you’re a freaking good person, and besides, who wants a dissenter in the squad?

Just because you cannot throw the shade does not mean that no shade can be thrown, however. Rihanna, ever the giver, is here to throw all of that shade for you, expressing exactly what it feels like when there’s that one person in your friend group who you don’t like:

1. When you’re having a great time with your squad and someone says “Oh, you know what we should do? We should invite THE WORST PERSON EVER:”


“The worst person ever” is not actually their name, but that is the way it sounds to you.


2. So you try to make your friends feel guilty for making you hang out with them:


Like, it’s painful, but you will endure. Because you are strong.


3. And one person who really knows how you feel about them is like,”Don’t worry, they won’t be that bad today:”


No lies today, please.


4. But you try to to psych yourself up for the dreaded task of hanging out with them:


Look good, feel kinda-okay.


5. And they walk into the room and you’re like, “Alright. Let’s go:”


“This will be…fun.”


6. You genuinely try to be nice to them but they keep ruining your life:


It’s their fault, really.


7. So you just watch them do it:


♫ ‘Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it ♫


8. Like asking you how you feel about a really boring story they’re telling:


You weren’t listening, so you have to make up an answer real quick.


9. And interrupting an actual good story you were telling to talk about their new workout regime:


Excuse me.


8. And talk about their new raw food diet that you should totally go on, too:


The final straw.


9. So you just decide to kinda go for it with your hater vibez because they’re giving you no reason not to, honestly:


It feels good.


10. And, finally, someone else in your squad finally confesses that they never really liked that other person, either:


Vindication is so, so sweet.


11. But then someone else is like, “This was fun! We should all hang out together next week, too:”




12. When they’re like, “Hey, sometimes I feel like you don’t like me, but that can’t be right–can it?”


What would give you that idea?


13. But, what you really want to say is, “Oh, it’s fine. I’ll teach you how to be tolerable:”


If, you know, they’ll let you.

Is there someone in your friend group with whom you just cannot? Did Rihanna express those feelings well enough? Let us know in the comments below!

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