26 Hilarious Anna Kendrick Tweets That Literally Describe Your Life

It’s hard for everyone in the world to agree upon something, but if there was one thing that can be objectively viewed as a True Fact, it would be that Anna Kendrick is soooo totally relatable.

I try not to throw around this word too much, but Anna Kendrick is the one person for whom I will make an exception (see? Everyone can agree that she’s relatable!)I mean, think about it–she’s a fantastic, Oscar-nominated actress, but if you were to look at her Twitter account, you’d think that she’s just the really funny girl in your English class who you have a total friendship crush on. To prove it, here are 26 of her very best, most hilarious, and, most of all, most relatable tweets:

1. When she spoke the truth about the love we all have for undergarments:

2. When she spoke of the social anxiety strikes us all:

3. When she revealed the truth about these so-called “Oreo Thins”:

4. When she admitted to a secret desire of hers:

5. When she decided on PbJ’s over baes, y’all:

6. When she became a voice for all girls who are incapable of tanning:

7. When she cried during Inside Out like LITERALLY EVERYONE WHO SAW INSIDE OUT DID:

8. When she knew exactly how we all feel about our after-school snacks:

9. When she wasn’t afraid to come face-to-face with her own celebrity doppelganger:

10. When she trumped even your most cringe-worthy hookup stories:

11. When she was totally frank about her slacker existence:

12. When she did that again:

13. When she called out those who went TOO FAR:

14. When she got real about her fuzzy legs:

15. When she found the perfect picture to describe the word vomit we all face:

16. When she voiced all of our desires to play the BEST CHARACTER IN FROZEN:

17. When she tried to fill the gaping void that Zayn left:

18. When she perfectly described how weird planes can make you feel:

19. When she accurately spoke to the trauma that haunts us all daily:

20. When she told us that OTHER people might not think she’s that great of a kisser, but SHE thinks she’s just great:

21. When she was totally open about what we are all too ashamed to admit:

22. When her yoga pants addiction went too far:

23. When she accurately described how we all feel at parties:

24. When she got real about a disastrous celebrity encounter:

25. When she made us feel like our laziness might be okay, somehow:

26. When she admitted to the existential dread we all come to realize eventually:

Do you love Anna Kendrick? Did I forget any of her hilarious tweets? Let us know in the comments below!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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