24 Types Of Friends You’re Guaranteed To Have In High School

We all like to think that our group of friends is oh so special and unique. Sure, that might be true when we get down to the nitty gritty–because, yeah, we’re all our own person–but almost every friend group comprises of a lot of personality traits that can be found in friends groups around the world. What friend group doesn’t have a super high strung member? What about the person who is always angsting about not having a boyfriend? What about the one who you know you probably wouldn’t be friends with if you didn’t already know them for a billion years?

Our high school friend groups often consist of these types of people, and more. Here are just 24 of them that you can definitely identify in your own squad. Oh, and try to figure out which one you probably are.


1. The friend who won’t shut up about not having a boyfriend.


2. The friend who is in theatre and won’t stop singing or dancing at you.

singing in the rain hat


3. The friend who you…would probably maybe totally make out with if given the opportunity.

cry baby ksis


4. The friend who can’t seem to get her foundation color right, but you’re too nervous to tell them that they look orange.


5. The friend who you already know is going to end up being super successful in the future.

peggy olsen counting money


6. The friend who always has the most dope lunches.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


7. The friend who is so high strung about school and extra curricular activities and almost has a breakdown if they get anything less than an A-.



8. The friend who is way funnier than the rest of your friends.


9. The friend who you probably wouldn’t be friends with if you weren’t already friends with them for ages.

rae and chloe my mad fat diary


10. The friend who just became vegan/vegetarian and is really intense about  it. 

i don't eat meat


11. The friend who is shamelessly nerdy, and you love them for it.


12. The friend who always has out of control hook up stories.

i had sex


13. The friend who got out of their awkward phase and suddenly became a total hottie; everyone else outside of your friend group has noticed, too, and they’re thirsty AF.


14. The friend who is all about social justice and is always ready for a debate.

and it's racist


15.  The friend who really wants to be more popular but won’t admit it…even though it’s so obvious.

super side eye


16. The friend who is popular and is friends with a billion other people, but knows where their loyalty lies (hint: with you and your squad).



17. The friend who totally lies about all their sex stories.


18. The friend who has a lot more money than everyone else, and unintentionally shows it off (ugh, annoying).


19. The friend who had or is going through an emo phase.



20. The friend who is low key Tumblr famous.



21. The friend who is always inviting you to their sports games, but you never get around to going to any. Oops.



22. The friend who will definitely be ready to come out fully after high school is over.


23. The friend who…you aren’t really even great friends with. They’re just part of the group.


24. The friend who you know you’re going to be friends with for the rest of forever.

daria and jane gif


What other types of friends do you think we’re guaranteed to have in high school? Which type are you? Tell us in the comments!

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