Here’s What Happens When You Try Contouring Every Day For A Week

Have you ever said you were going to do something.. and actually stuck with it? How about for a whole week? I’ve always been the kind of person that says they’re totally, 100 percent going to stick to doing something new, but then only lasts about three days doing it. Whether it’s drinking more water, reading more books, or watching less Netflix (LOL never), I’ve never committed hard enough to stick it through a week. Which is why I’m going to be starting something new every week, and sticking to it day to day. I’m definitely going to be expecting some urges to give up but, I will not let you girls down! Hey, maybe whatever I’m doing will become a habit!

Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez. Nicki Minaj. These are just a few celebrities out there who use contouring to achieve their signature look. The first time I saw contouring down on “normal” people was on Instagram. A friend of mine posted a before and after photo of her face with and without contour makeup, and the results were incredible.

For those of you who aren’t aware, contouring, helps enhance one’s facial structure and definition by using bronzer and highlighter on certain areas of the face. This week, I decided to switch from my normal low-maintenance beauty routine to contouring every single day to see if I could achieve Kim Kardashian’s flawless glow. Did I look like a contoured queen, or someone with a splotchy face? Find out!

Day 1, Monday: 
I’m not going to lie: I was intimidated by the contour makeup. I spent today gathering up the products I needed for proper contouring. I chose: white highlighter (to go around the T-zone, cheekbones, and chin), bronzer (for the outline of the nose, cheekbones, and chin), and a pale powdered concealer to “set” everything. I also had blush and lighter bronzer for my cheekbones. As soon as I laid it all out, I felt legitimately concerned.


How was I supposed to use this many products when I usually just wear mascara and eyeliner?! I didn’t have much going on, so I stayed home and practiced my contouring technique thanks to some tutorials on Pinterest. I did some light contouring, and… it actually looked alright. But hey, maybe that was because there wasn’t much makeup on my face.


Day 2, Tuesday:
Alright! The legitimate contouring begins. Yesterday was more of a practice round, so I was excited to get started to see if I could do this correctly.I had to go to a doctors appointment, so before that I decided to contour away! My appointment was at 11 AM, so I decided to wake up at 10:15 to begin contouring. First, I moisturized my face, which was odd because my skin didn’t feel dry. After that, I applied the highlighting powder on my face. I couldn’t understand how it was going to blend because it was SO shiny and white. I looked like a snowman. After that, I applied bronzer on the outsides of my facial features. I add some setting powder and I was done. It was time to blend! It was already 10:30, so I needed to leave within 10 minutes.

I stood in front of the mirror and started blending upwards and in a circular motion until my face looked contoured… sort of. After five minutes, my face still wasn’t blended, but finally, 10 minutes later, my face was blended. How long did this take me? Thirty minutes! I’ve never spent 30 minutes on my makeup at all, so this was a little bit of a shocker. My face looked absolutely ridiculous, but I didn’t even have time to question it as I was running late for my appointment. I soon as I arrived, I felt some stares land on my burnt orange face. I think I did this wrong…


Day 3, Wednesday:
Did you guys know I was in the The Lion King? Oh, you guys didn’t know? Check out the picture below and you’ll see what I mean! Just kidding. That’s a picture of my face before blending my makeup. I look insane. I seriously just stared at my unblnded makeup for a long time wondering how this bizarre facepaint could turn into flawless skin. But I can happily say the contouring and blending went a little bit faster. I shaved off a good five minutes, so that’s not too bad.


Oh! And I also tried contouring my collarbones. You can see that they looked very pronounced, which was kind of cool. I hope my face was going to look the same way. I had school today, so I was praying that my skin looked good. It was actually pretty decent and passable. While it wasn’t the best looking, it was definitely better than the day before. If I can maintain this amount of mediocrity with contouring for the rest of the week, I’d feel great.


Day 4, Thursday: 
Well, guys, it looks like I messed up the mediocrity. How did I do that? I went to school looking like an orange that caught on fire. Imagine what that looks like in your head, and that’s exactly what my face looked like. I woke up late for school and had to contour my face as quickly as I could. After I added the highlighter and bronzer, I began blending. As you know, blending takes a while, so I decided to finish blending in my car. When I arrived at school, there were very little parking spaces available, which made me very nervous. I immediately stopped blending and began desperately searching for a parking space. I found one, got out of my car, and booked it to class. A couple of times, I saw my friends staring at areas of my face while they were talking to me, but I didn’t take too much notice of it. I thought maybe they were noticing the highlighting or something.

I got complimented on my outfit today, but not my contouring, which was kind of a bummer. I never wear makeup, so I was surprised no one said anything to me. As soon as I got home from school, I went to the bathroom and immediately looked in the mirror. Dear God. Why me?!?!!?! I realized I had splotches of bronzer all over my face. I was so preoccupied about finding a parking spot, I forgot to blend fully, leaving my face unfinished and weird. No wonder my friends were looking at my face! Baaaah! Cool, school’s been going on for less than a week and I already have my embarrassing moment. Great.


Day 5, Friday:
This contouring week could not be any worse. It’s already almost over, and I still hadn’t managed to achieve a successful contouring look I would do again. To make matters worse, I woke up to a ton of pimples on my face. I’m not used to wearing any kind of face makeup, so I guess my skin started freaking out about the change. Wonderful. I didn’t even want to put makeup on because of how bad I was breaking out, but a challenge is a challenge for a reason, right?


My only plans today were a morning class and then catching up on some homework. I definitely wasn’t going to be late, because I made sure to wake up early (something I guess you have to do when you’re applying a full face of makeup). I was also not planning on having any splotchy bronzer on my face today because looking like a burnt orange isn’t a priority of mine. It took me 35 minutes to do the contouring, because I was really being careful. My face actually looked a little bit better! I think Wednesday was still my best look so far, but this was definitely a close second! Goody! I’m getting this down. I didn’t get any weird stares at my face today, which is an achievement in my book. After class, I began some homework and was also eager to wash my face. Pimples be gone!


Day 6, Saturday:
I had a date with my boyfriend, so my goal was to look good. No more splotchy bronzer, no more burnt orange, nothing. I wanted to look like Kim Kardashian and nothing was going to stop me… Except for my terrible make up skills. I really spent a lot of time putting the highlighter and bronzer exactly where they needed to be. I made sure to follow the shape and features of my face and to highlight exactly what should be highlighted. I didn’t have a chance to go to the beach much this summer, so I wanted to look like I had somewhat of a summer glow.


When I was done with my contouring, I was pleasantly surprised. I looked pretty tan, not too orange, and my face was highlighted… Not shiny. When I went over to my boyfriends house, he asked me if I went tanning! Score! I guess I didn’t look that orange, but after I took this picture I did add some translucent powder just to tame a little bit of the tanned look. My boyfriend and I got some sushi and decided to watch a Redbox movie that night. It was a great night because I felt good and looked good!


Day 7, Sunday:
Since I only had improv practice, I didn’t really want to put too much heavy makeup on. I decided to do some light contouring, similar to Monday’s look. I guess I did a good job, because I got three compliments on my makeup! My friend even told me my skin looked “dewy.” I think that’s a good thing? I had to Google it, and supposedly that’s a look girls are striving for, so cool. I’m glad my face looks reminiscent of a state of water.


As soon as I got home, I immediately washed my face because I could see more acne coming on.

Conclusion: So, I tried Kim Kardashian makeup for a week, something I never thought I’d be able to do. I wish I could say it gave me some more self-confidence, but it kind of did the opposite on most days. I can definitely see that, with practice and more skill, it would look good. While I feel like I didn’t master contouring, I can definitely see why girls do it. When done correctly, it really does highlight (no pun intended) one’s facial shape and features. Could I ever see myself doing this again? Yes! I could. I could see myself doing this for a party or any kind of upscale event, but I would definitely give myself more time to do so. That way, if I make a mistake, I have more time to fix it. I never want to look like a burnt orange again. That’s my new goal in life.

Do you contour every day? What do you want Cheyenne to try next? Tell us in the comments!=

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