7 College Health Tips No One Else Will Tell You

When you ship off to college, it seems like everyone has some sort of health advice that they absolutely must tell you about.

Much of this advice, it seems, is solely focused on making sure that you don’t gain any weight (when I was about to go to college, Soraya, my eyebrow waxer, told me she’d slap me if I came back for winter break having gained “zee American freshman fifteen,” which seemed a little extreme to me). You’ll hear a lot of people tell you to pay attention to portion control in the dining hall and to make it a habit to go to the gym every day.

While it’s certainly important to stay healthy in college–or, you know, all the time–health actually means more than just making sure you eat a salad every now and then and trying to burn off any late-night pizza binges on the college gym treadmill. Check out these seven college health tips that no one else will tell you:

Do you agree with these health tips? Did I forget anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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