7 Real Girls Dish On What’s Awesome About Being Single

There’s something about being single–whether it’s for a few days, a few months, or a few years–that makes it seem as though you’re going to be single for the rest of your freakin’ life.

Ever been there? I have, and trust me, it does get better, but that doesn’t stop those few agonizing months when being single “sometimes” feels more like being single forever. But, don’t worry! Help is here for all you single ladies.  This week on the boards, our readers discuss how to deal with those times when you really feel like you’re going to be single forever:

Ramroom12cat said:

What I've learned is that no one just ends up alone by choice. Meaning eventually someone will come along. Just be yourself, get out of your shell if you are on the shy side, and don't try to force yourself to like anyone for the sake of getting into a relationship. Let it happen naturally and at your own pace.

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Papayagirl said:

I've been single my whole entire life and I felt a bit sad and worthless for a few months. At the moment I've stop wishing for things because I've figured that you can't really make anything happen, especially if it isn't meant to be. I know everyone says it, but you cannot make anyone like you. You just have to be yourself and if they see something about who you are on the inside that they like, they might start to like you!

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Kiwanna said:

All my friends have boyfriends and I don't. There are people I like and who like me, but I just think they're not right for me. I really want a boyfriend but I just learned to deal with it because I know I will find someone soon. So just stop stressing! Be happy you're the single one without all the boy problems!

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Brieileen said:

It's hard going to the movies or doing things with friends and being surrounded by couples. I know this because I'm single right now. But if there's any advice I could give you, it's to STOP LOOKING!! Once you do, you'll meet someone.

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Adrnbrz said:

Start looking at being single at a different angle if you're the only one in your friend group without a BF. Like, if this random new hot guy comes into town, you're the only one with a shot at him because everyone else is already tied down, or you don't have someone there to entertain 24/7, or you can totally just bum it out one day because your not trying to impress anyone, and you won't have to deal with being heartbroken when the breakups start happening. Trust me, there's lots of things to happy about being single!

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MandaKim said:

If you're single, it's because the right guy for you hasn't appeared yet. Be patient and don't get discouraged. There's plenty of time ahead for you to get a boyfriend. Plus, you don't have to worry about him cheating or spend days crying over something stupid he did or said or think about why he hasn't texted you.

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Fantasygirl425 said:

You just have to wait until the time comes, unless you want to make the first move. You can try to talk to guys you like and let them know first that you like them. I've never even kissed a guy let alone been on a date or had a boyfriend, and I'm not worried. There's plenty of time to find someone.

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Have you been single for a while? What advice would you give? Let us know in the comments below!

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