7 Reasons It’s Totally Okay To Not Wear A Condom

According to sex researchers, condom use is becoming a lot less common in America. Reasons for this decline range from wider use in birth control from partners, increased awareness of STDs, and watching way too much condom-free porn.

All I know is that this research correlates with a lot of my friends’ experiences. One of them dumped a dude who would throw a tantrum every time she told him to wear a condom. Another friend of mine was shocked and totally weirded out when a guy she was hooking up with argued with her about having to wear a condom…even after she told him that she has herpes! Why are so many dudes with penises so brazen about not wearing them?

Wait…are these guys on to something? Are we really underestimating the art of pulling out? Oh, totally. Here are seven good reasons why you don’t need to wear a condom.

STDs Are So '80s

People can live for a really long time with HIV now, and a bunch of other STDs are curable, so condoms aren't really that big of a deal these days.

This is totally true if you ignore the fact that STDs still suck, herpes isn't curable, contracting HPV can lead to a lot of complications, and getting HIV/AIDS because somebody didn't want to wear a condom is a thing that still happens to people. Don't assume that you're immune. Don't assume that somebody knows their STD status. Many people assume they're clear of STDs because there aren't any visible signs, others have concerns but are too nervous to get them checked out. Trust me, this happens. This is reality.

So yeah, don't...make this argument.


Pulling Out Is Easy

I mean, it's not like someone with a penis can accidentally start coming faster than you anticipated, right? It's not like there isn't any pre-ejaculate that has semen in it that can travel up the vag and make nice with an egg for the next nine months.

Oh, wait...

When pulling out works, it works. But why turn sex into a stressful experience? Just throw on a rubber and don't worry about it.

Chapelle's Show

Who Isn't On Birth Control These Days?

Like, everyone with a uterus is either popping birth control pills or rocking an IUD. And as long as you can't get pregnant, that's what matters, right?

Oh wait, birth control doesn't prevent the spread of STDs...but condoms do. Oops.

Also, OMG, plenty of people aren't taking BC, plenty of people aren't taking BC correctly, and BC also isn't fail proof. Accidents happen...condoms can prevent quite a few of them.


People In Pornos Get Along Just Fine Without Them

Because everything that happens in porn is a good idea and should be replicated and praised IRL. Right.

Get real. Also, there's a lot of controversy over safe-sex in the porn industry. Looks can be deceiving.

My Mad Fat Diary

There's Always Emergency Contraception

Yes! Just pop some of that Plan-B. That's a totally great option if you can deal with being sick for a few days in a row. It's an even better option if you're over the age of 16, because you sure can't purchase it if you're 15 and younger. Oh, and it's not like emergency contraception isn't super expensive or anything.

I'm going to try not to roll my eyes into the back of my head for a second and say this: Emergency contraception is great in a time of desperation, but it is also expensive and age-restricted. Plus, your body can have a negative reaction to it. Never let emergency contraception act as your birth control when a condom is so much cheaper, much easier to access, and less stressful.

Plan B/Ella

Condoms Are Uncomfortable And Don't Fit Properly

Ah yes, just because a condom can expand to fit over a grown man's entire arm, doesn't mean that it will comfortably fit a dude's penis. There's absolutely zero deception if a guy tells you that condoms just don't fit properly.

Except...condoms come in all different sizes and it is totally possible to find a condom size that fits comfortably around one's peen. Condoms fitting properly is very important--one that doesn't fit properly can lead to breakages or slipping off--but don't let someone tell you that it's impossible for them to find a condom that fits. That's BS.

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You're Not Having Intercourse

Oh, look! The only real reason why you don't need to use condoms.

But seriously, make sure you're staying safe and don't let some dude pressure you into having sex without a condom. Who cares if they don't have an STD? Who cares if they're the pull out champion? This is a bigger issue than condom discomfort, it's about making sure that you aren't sacrificing your comfort and safety for somebody's selfishness. Protect yourself, okay?

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Has anyone ever given you a BS reason not to wear a condom? What was your reaction? Tell us in the comments!

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