30 Insane Moments From The 2015 VMAs That Made You Say WTF

In case you just woke up after a very long sleep, the MTV VMA’s happened last night, and uh… there is SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT. I normally don’t expect this much entertainment from an awards show, especially after last year’s VMA snoozefest, but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since Miley Cyrus was the host. Although, honestly, a lot of the insanity didn’t even involve Miley.

From celebrity feuds being squashed and started to performers crying to stars announcing their bid for presidency to wardrobe malfunctions and audience dancing, literally everything you could imagine happening happened. The VMAs were insane this year, but in the best way. Instead of counting down the minutes until the show was over, I was actually interested – and by interested, I mean I was laughing, screaming WTF at the TV and my boyfriend, texting and tweeting furiously, and then wondering how I’d survive the rest of the week. 

If you missed the show, you should probably watch it so you can be caught up on the pop culture references we’ll surely use for the next few years. Or you can just read this post. Here are the 30 insane moments from the VMAs that made you say WTF. Will any other awards show ever top this one? Doubtful.


1. When someone made a fart noise while Taylor was talking. 

What exactly was happening here?


2. When Taylor Swift debuted her “Wildest Dreams” video, along with her dark hair.


3. When Nicki Minaj opened the VMAs… 

nicki performing vmas


4. …with this very special guest.

nicki taylor

LITERALLY WHAT. Remember when they were feuding? They were either trolling us, or this is their epic way of ending it. Either way, not complaining.


5. When Miley walked out in this jumpsuit and it was the best thing she wore all night.

miley jumpsuit


6. When Miley tried to out-Ellen the world with her selfie. 

miley vma selfie



7. And Kim jumped in.


8. When Britney Spears walked out and we all cried because OMG she looked amazing.


Look at this babe. I can’t even handle it.


9. Then we spotted Justin Bieber’s hair and we were like wut

justin hair vmas


10. Amber Rose and Black Chyna making a much-needed statement with these outfits.

amber rose gif


11. When Iggy came out during Demi’s performance and no one asked for that.

demi iggy


12. Every time Kanye danced in the audience.


13. Actually literally everything Kanye was doing in the audience.


14. When Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus had what seemed like an awkwardly staged fight…

whats good

And Miley said:






And Nicki was like no.

nicki angry


15. …And then we saw Miley’s reaction and realized it was real.

An actual epic moment.


16. And Rebel Wilson was all of us:


17. When Miley did this weird rapper sleepover skit.

miley brownie

Miley I love you why are you making my life so hard right now?


18. When Justin Bieber actually did a really good performance and gave us life.

justin performing vmas

Guys, is it finally okay to admit I’ve always been a fan of Justin Bieber? I think so, because this was truly terrific.


19. Then he cried and it got so weird, but also we kind of felt sorry for him?

justin bieber crying vmas


20. Wait can we talk about this moment one more time though? 

whats good


21. When Taylor Swift introduced Kanye and heaped the praise on him… 

taylor kanye vmas



22. …Then used his infamous quote.


23. …And said this that didn’t make sense.


24. When Kanye talked for an hour about… I actually still don’t know what he was talking about.



25. He also admitted to doing drugs before the show, NBD.

kanye drugs


26. The moment Kanye announced he was running for president.


27. When Miley showed her nipple.


28. When Miley announced she had released a free album. 

miley dancing vmas


29. And then Justin Bieber released his music video. 


30. When you realized you might be attracted to Justin Bieber because DAMN. 



What was your favorite moment from the VMAs? What did I forget to include here? Tell me in the comments.

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