26 Times Tumblr Explained How You Feel When You Try To Be Healthy

Eating right, working out often, taking care of your skin, going to sleep at the right time, and just generally being healthy sounds like it would be great. Why wouldn’t you want to do the right thing for your body, you know? But then you see your friends eating a bag of popcorn or chips. You watch an advertisement for Taco Bell. Maybe you go to the store to buy fruit and you’re accosted with cookies that are on sale. Plus, you’re exhausted. You worked SO hard this week and you deserve to relax. Who has time to wash their face when they’re already comfortable in bed? Sleep is important! But first you need to catch up on social media. Wait, is it really 2 AM?

We’ve all been there.

No matter what Instagram fitness gurus preach as they pose in their Lululemon pants, the truth is, being healthy is hard work. It takes lots of motivation, dedication, devotion, and time. That’s not to say it’s impossible, because it’s not. But let’s not pretend it’s a walk in the park. And when you DO manage to be healthy? Well, let’s just say you know how to congratulate yourself. Here are 26 Tumblr posts that explain what it’s like when you’re trying to be healthy:


1. When your friends want to play drinking games, but you have a different idea:



2. When you drink water once and feel like a new person:



3. When you force yourself to work out but then feel good afterwards:



4. When you wash your face once and realize it’s life-changing:



5. When you become a health god:



6. When everyone doubts your motivation:



7. When you feel motivated for a little bit and then it goes away:



8. When you want to be healthy but also don’t want to be healthy at the same time:



9. When you think about being healthy but don’t actually go through with it:



10. When you’ve been thinking about going on a diet:



11.  When you learn the real way to get a nice body:



12. When drinking water is just too much:



13. When you do the right thing for your body and it changes everything:



14. When you listen to the wrong music at the gym:



15. When you wash your face once and think it will fix all your problems:



16. When you can’t understand how people do it:



17. When you’re impatiently waiting for results:



18. When you reward yourself for being healthy with a snack:



19. When you assume exercise will have immediate results:



20. When you at least attempt being healthy.



21. When you just can’t stick to one goal:



22. When you keep your diet balanced:



23. When you get up early but it backfires:



24. When you feel like an athlete:



25. When you tell everyone about your healthy ways:



26. When you start out okay:



Which of these posts is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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