10 Reasons You Actually Should Never Hook Up With A Classmate

Who doesn’t want a relationship like Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World? Even if you say you don’t, we don’t believe you (sorry). Cory and Topanga met in school, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, hooking up with a classmate IRL doesn’t always work so well in the real world. Getting involved with someone you sit next to every day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

While there are a few perks to making out with your classmate—having an automatic study buddy, passing notes to each other when class is boring—it typically makes for a messy situation. Consider these words of caution before you swap spit with the cutie across from you in biology. If you decide your lust just can’t be contained, make sure to talk about how you’ll handle it ahead of time. After all, you can’t drop out of class if things don’t work out! Here are 10 reasons you actually shouldn’t hook up with a classmate:

1. You have to see them even when you don’t want to.


You don’t want to hang out with your significant other all the time—and that’s okay! But if you sit next to your boo in class every day, you can’t avoid it, unless your attendance takes a hit.


2. You feel like you have to put effort into your appearance.

putting on makeup

While you should never have to dress a certain way to impress someone, it’s likely that the days of throwing on leggings with a ponytail before school in the morning are behind you. Better set your alarm 30 minutes earlier.


3. You’ll feel silly if you can’t answer a question.


Whoops, you forgot to read that chapter last night! Being called out in front of the class can be embarrassing any time, but it’s especially mortifying when your crush is watching.


4. You might have to work together.

breakfast club

The dreaded group project. Getting everyone to contribute their fair share is always difficult, and when you’re dating one of the contributors, it adds a whole other layer of complicated.


5. He’ll still be there if you break up.

shoulder punch

If thing go south–sorry!—you can’t avoid each other. You still have to attend class day in and day out. Even if you ended things on good terms, it’s hard to move on from the past when it’s still a part of your present.


6. Your classmates can tease you mercilessly.

toddlers in tiaras

Be prepared for probing questions about how you two spend your alone time, inappropriate jokes about your couple status, and general tom foolery. Hope no one writes your names inside a heart on the chalkboard.


7. Your teacher might catch on.

mr feeny

Even worse than your classmates talking about your relationship? Your teacher knowing about it. Be prepared to avoid eye contact.


8. Bathroom pass required.

scott disick uncomfortable

That mystery-meat pasta special from the school cafeteria isn’t sitting so well? The entire class can hear your stomach gurgling, object of your affection included.


9. One word: awkward.


Especially after the first time physical contact is made, you may not know how to act around one another. Being forced into close proximity in a public setting can make for an extremely awkward interaction.


10. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

zac efron i miss you

Sometimes it’s nice to have some time apart. After all, they can’t send a cute “hope you’re having a great day :)” text if they’re sitting right next to you!

Have you ever hooked up with a classmate? How did it go? Tell us in the comments.


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