19 Hilarious Examples Of What “Daddy AF” Actually Means

On Friday morning, I did what anyone who knows me would expect me to do. I rolled up to the Gurl.com offices, poured myself a coffee, and settled in to watch the One Direction “Drag Me Down” video, because that is what I do.


Once I’d watched the video 10+ times (refreshing, not replaying, obviously), I scrolled down to the comment section to look for inspiration for my upcoming fanfiction piece in which Harry Styles and I are stranded on the moon together. There, I saw a lot of comments that, for whatever reason, had the word “daddy” in them. “Liam is daddy af,” they said, or “My daddy, Louis Tomlinson, is daddy af.” Some said that Harry, too, is “daddy af.” (No one seems to think that Niall is daddy af, however.)

Who is this mysterious daddy, and why is he af? I wondered. I texted my cousin, who lives in California and teaches me cool words like “bae” and “fleek,” and this is what she told me:
“It’s used w a lot of attractive famous people, like a lot of people will call drake ‘daddy af.’ I don’t like it. It’s gross. But ya it’s mostly famous cute people.”

Okay! That makes sense, I think. And now I know how to use it in a sentence (“Daddy” is a noun and “daddy af” is an adjective, but both can be used interchangeably. Got it!). Also, I like Drake! I would not think to call Drake “daddy,” myself, but I guess that is just me (it’s true that I’ve always considered him to be more of a mom). This didn’t answer my real question, however–what does it actually mean? To find out, I went deep into the bowels of the “daddy af” tumblr tag wormhole. Here is what I discovered:

1. Liam Payne is likely the most popular choice for the “daddy af” title:


I am so scared of this video.

2. His one rival? Five Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin:


“Chill” is CORRECT.

3. Which gets awkward when your actual parents get involved:


Smooth cover there.

4. But…you aren’t even hearing him. It’s a gif.


Is this the power one gets from being “daddy af?”

5. Louis Tomlinson is also a popular choice:


Which is funny, because he is actually going to be a dad pretty soon.

6. No.


The frame is a nice touch, I must say.

7. Apparently, Luke Hemmings is NOT daddy af:


But why?

8. My personal fave, Harry Styles, IS daddy af, though:



9. This is one is actually very nice in a lot of ways:


See, there is a very respectful way to tell someone that they are “daddy af!”

10. People also call Calum Hood “daddy af:”

He doesn’t like it very much, though.

11. Like, he REALLY hates it:


I find this endearing, personally.

12. Still, it doesn’t stop…this…from existing:



13. You don’t have to be in the 1D or 5SOS fandom to say “daddy af,” however.


Please don’t do this without his consent.

14. Don’t “daddy af” in math class, guys!


Geometry is daddy af.

15. Now, for all you Jimmy Fallon stans out there, things are about to get really exciting:


I “Jimmy,” you say, “Fallon!” I say “daddy,” you say “AF!”



I thought we were done with this.

17. This seems a *little* thirsty to me, personally.


One does not ask to be “daddy AF.” One simply IS daddy AF.

18. I object to this, merely because I feel that once actual dads get involved, things get a little weird.
Thanks, Buzzfeed.

19.This I can get behind, however.

Breadsticks are daddy af.

Basically, according to tumblr, pretty much anything can be “daddy af”–which, of course, means that nothing is daddy af. Based on this tumblr exploration, I’d say that there is still no clear definition for the term “daddy af”–and, honestly, I don’t think there needs to be. Simply put, it is a punchline–both a way to express a crush and a joke. But that’s just what I think.

Tell me–what does “daddy af” mean to you, personally? Who do you think is daddy af? Please let us know in the comments below!

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