11 Annoying AF Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have a Big Head

I have a big head.

By that I don’t mean that I’m arrogant. I mean that my head–my physical head–is on the larger side of the spectrum.

This isn’t a problem that oppresses me or makes my life totally miserable. But it can definitely be a pain in the ass in a way that people with, er, normal sized heads just don’t understand. When I pitched this story idea, Jessica–Gurl’s Senior Editor–said, “What? You don’t have a big head.”

Oh, it might not look that big, but try telling me that when I try on hats! If you feel me, you’ll definitely relate to these eleven annoying things only people with big heads can relate to.


1. Turtlenecks are a pain to get on and off for most people, but it’s downright torture for those of us with big ol’ heads. 

turtleneck dance


2. Literally no hats fit you, even the biggest size.


3. And speaking of hats, when you do manage to force one onto your head, it ends up falling off after about half an hour or so…

singing in the rain hat


4. Someone has straight up told you that you have a big head, and you had to laugh it off as if it didn’t make you feel a little self-conscious.

crying blood


5. You’re so worried about having a big head that you constantly make sure that somebody sitting or standing behind you can see.



6. Your head has stretched out shirt collars.


7. Oh, and helmets never fit properly either. Unless they’re super ugly. The ugly ones always fit.

whip it is it bad


8. You can’t really wear flower crowns or any other cute hair accessories that wrap around your head without breaking them.

lana del rey flower crown


9. You go through face products so quickly. Damn surface area!


10. The headphones that go over your head have to be extended all the way to fit your head. Ugh.

dazed and confused mitch headphones


11. And of course, if you have a combination of a big head and a wide face, cute circular sunglasses end up looking like this when you put them on.

matrix Morpheus glasses


What other challenges come with having a big head? Do you have a small head and deal with your own set of issues? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Caitlin Beaumont

    You forgot the part where you have to consciously make sure your in the back ground of ALL photographs so that the whole world doesn’t compare how big your head is to person in the photo next to you.

    • JulianaGuliana

      Yes! OMG I know. When I’m in photos next to other people I’m shocked at how my head dwarfs theirs. Although studies do show that bigger heads means we’re smarter if that makes you feel any better!

  • Snuup

    Well you walk around praying nobody notice it… ???