20 Disturbing Face Swaps With Inanimate Objects

Face swaps are hilarious. They’re also easy to create – you might have tinkered around with the Face Swap App as a way to switch you and your bestie’s faces.  It can also be super funny to swap out a female and male’s face or a baby and a grownup. At times like these, we can only marvel at the wonder of technology and all the joy it brings to our lives.

Face Swaps can also be NIGHTMARE INDUCING. The app is meant for swapping faces with with other faces, not things that are not a face. For example, switching your face with a doll is going to make you look like something out of a horror film. The app can have a mind of its own, and pick out random objects in the picture to put on your face. This makes us all feel uncomfortable.

Get ready to squirm in your seat as you check out these weird face swaps with objects instead of faces:


1. Thomas The Tank Engine Face Swap


2. Shirt Face Swap

I don’t think that was what they were intending.

3. Face swap with dog*

*And by dog we mean the plate on the mantel.

4. Carlton Shirt Face Swap

The expression on the shirt perfectly sums up our feelings about this.

5. Gingerbread Face Swap

Is it weird I really want to eat their faces?

6. Jensen Ackles’ Ear

Ear faces. . . so hot right now.

 7. Apple Logo Face Swap

That computer will destroy you and everything you love.

8. Refrigerator Face Swap

Introducing…the newest character in <i>Pee Wee’s Playhouse</i>!

 9. Sign Face Swap


10. Watermelon Face Swap

Aaaaand…I won’t be sleeping tonight.

11. Tire Rim Face Swap

She looks tired.

12. Shirt Face Swap

I kind of wish my face looked like that.

13. Window Face Swap

They say the eyes are a window to the soul.

14. Fresh Corn Face Swap

Roasted Child. Yum.

15. Nose Face Swap

“Oh, yeah, Jessica is SUPER nosey.”

16. Dog Treat Face Swap

This is my dog’s dream.

17. Tattoo Face Swap

Cool tat, bro.

18. Barbi Face Swap

That is a definite improvement on the doll.

19. Abs Face Swap

This dive just got 100x more intense.

20. Rock Face Swap


Which face swap was the most unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below!

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